Overwatch: Weber Wildcat Style!

E-Sports. Better known as Electronic Sports, or competitive video gaming. This is a sport that has been gaining popularity throughout the years. It has become so popular that it has reached universities across countries and teams have been formed to become the best at the games that gamers love. Weber State is one of these universities with quite a variety of competitive teams. One of these teams that Weber State has is the Overwatch team.

Now, what is Overwatch? It is a game that has the preface of a team of heroes that has gone underground in a world where omnics—Artificially intelligent robots run rampant and wage war against the humans and it is up to these heroes that go under the name of Overwatch to stop these omnics. Though, that is only the preface of the game. How the game is played is quite similar, if not exact to player vs player or PvP, but in teams. Which brings us back to the competitive aspect.
To someone who is not familiar with this game or the fact that Weber has an E-sports lounge in general, may be quick to overlook this team. But, after talking with the team and seeing them play, there is much more than meets the eye.
The team is comprised of seven players total. Anson, otherwise known as Serenity, is their team captain. He can be usually seen playing Reinhart protecting the team on the front lines and dealing as much damage to the opposing team as he can. Then, the rest of the team is as follows.

  • Nathan. Gamer tag: Excalibur. Alternates between McCree, Pharah, and Genji. He deals most of the damage by being the main projectile player.
  • Patricio. Gamer tag: Lot of Damage. He alternates between Ana and Zennyatta. His job is to keep the main tank alive.

– “Sometimes I forget to press Q when playing as him (Zennyatta) and it feels                      like one of the top 10 saddest anime deaths of all time,” Patricio said with a                         laugh.

  • Amanda. Gamer tag: mokunymfe. She alternates between the characters Moira and Mercy for flex support.
  • Cody. Gamer tag: Jethrotroll. He mains as Zaria. His job on the team is to pretend to be the main person causing the most Damage Per Second (DPS) at the beginning of the match, but then he hands it off to Anson.
  • Camilla. Gamer tag: DeeJay. She mains D.va the most. And helps out by being the flex tank of the team.
  • Gabriel. Gamer tag: Dread master. Alternates between Ana and Brigitte as a flex support like Amanda.

Seven players to round up a strong team. Weber’s Overwatch team has been around for two years now and has been going strong. Anson has just become their team captain seeing that the previous captain recently stepped down.
“I wanted to help the team grow and do something with leadership, but I didn’t know what I wanted to do exactly. But, I knew I wanted to help and do something in an executive role. So, when the prior captain stepped down and the team needed a captain, I was asked if I wanted to fill the position and I immediately said yes,” Anson said.
Some people might wonder why an E-sports team like the Overwatch team would be going on so strong for this long, but when asked about it, it’s pretty clear why. Passion for the competition, and of course, love for the game.
“I feel like the reason it keeps going, is because we all have a love for the game and I, along with my teammates believe that E-sports is like actual sports (Football, soccer, etc.) The competition is just as serious, and we are just as passionate,” Anson said.
“Just because it’s a video game doesn’t mean there isn’t a difference in just for

fun players and those who play competitively. People who play for fun just enjoy the game and don’t care about numbers that much. While those who play competitively care a lot about our numbers and ranks, but we love the game just as much,” Patricio said.
Not only is the passion for the game and the competition hearable in their words, but when you step into the E-Sports lounge right before a game or during a warm up, the energy is palpable. They try to sit all together in a row, so it’s easy to communicate with one another during a match. From giving advice on what strategies to use, to throwing friendly jabs at one another, the comraderies between the teammates is quite the sight.
But, when the game starts, it feels as if the atmosphere shifts and all you hear from those two rows is the clicking of the keyboard and the strategies going back and forth from teammates.
“The biggest factor really, is that in real life we’re actually really close friends. We hang out together not just in the game, but outside as well,” Anson said.
“In my opinion, it feels really good to be a part of this team and it’s a really fun experience,” Amanda said.
Not only does this team have a strong sense of comradery, but they seem to have a lot of skill when going up against other universities. For example, their recent matches against the Crimson Gamers (University of Utah) and the United States Air Force Academy.
“The 3k damage charge as Zennyatta in the match against the United States Air Force Academy had to be one of my favorite moments in the season so far,” Patricio said.
“Just the match against the United States Air Force Academy in general was a fun match. It was a lot of fun to beat those “Fly boys”,” Cody said.
“We’ve had a lot of fun and memorable matches,” Anson agreed. “But, in my opinion the match against the Crimson Gamers (University of Utah) had to be our most memorable. And the closest. They were closest to us in skill and rank, so it gave us quite a challenge. But, in the end we were able to beat them.”


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