Quotable Top Ten: Halloween Cosplays for 2018

All Hallows Eve fast approaches and the time for cosplayers to dust off their Dremels and sewing machines comes into view. Yes, it’s that time of year again! A cosplayer’s favorite holiday…Halloween! And if you, like me, are scrambling to find that perfect cosplay to put together to have fun on this deliciously spooky holiday, today’s top ten list is for you!

10. Sally/Jack – Nightmare Before Christmas

jack and sally

A classic Halloween cosplay that will be a sure-fire hit at the Halloween party. Plus, it gives you an excuse to do a couple cosplay if you’re in a relationship!

9. BeetleJuice – BeetleJuice


Fans of this classic Halloween movie will have a lot of fun cosplaying as this crazy guy. It’ll even give you an excuse to bug your friends to say your name three times… 😉

8. Pennywise. – IT

It_08172016_Day 36_9117.dng

Clowns + Horror film dynamic + really cool options for both guys and girls = Spooktacular cosplay.

7. Bowsette or Booette – Super Mario Bros.


As I’ve talked about in a recent article, these cosplays could be a really fun choice if you’re a Mario fan or you’re just a fan of this new gender bend!

6. Sanderson Sisters – Hocus Pocus

sanderson sisters

Alright, if you are a 90’s kid and didn’t think of cosplaying one of these sisters at least once, then you my friend, are missing out. These characters have such colorful personalities, there’s a reason why they didn’t get the number one spot—and you will see why soon, but I highly recommend one of these girls as a cosplay choice.

5. Any Overwatch character – Overwatch


All those who know me knew this was going to be on the list. I can’t say this enough, Overwatch is just an amazing game and even though it doesn’t have a story mode—which it totally should! You get such a great grasp on the personalities of each individual character. In my personal opinion, I’d choose Junkrat or D.va, but any of the characters would be fun to go as.

4. Mama Imelda, Hector, or Miguel – Coco


Whoever’s idea was it to have Pixar and Disney make a movie together was a freaking genius! This would be such a fun family cosplay idea to do if you and your family are into cosplay. Or if not, just go solo and rock it! It’ll also give you a good excuse to break out into song….

3. Lock, Shock or Barrel – Nightmare Before Christmas

trick or treater trio

Kay, I know what y’all will say “Quot-y, you already listed a character from this movie!” Yes, yes, I know. But! If you guys look up some of the cosplays recently created for this trio of trick-or-treaters, you will understand. Trust me on this one guys.

2. Harley Quinn (Original version) – DC Comics


With all of the super hero movies coming out and DC finally getting more into the movie game, I thought to add Miss Harley Quinn into this list. She has always been such an iconic character and I believe she would be a very fun cosplay for Halloween.

And now…the one you’ve all been waiting for……..

1. Ghost Izuku – My Hero Academia

ghost deku

I’m pretty sure this one was pretty guessable. This adorable cosplay has been going around social media for a few weeks now annnnd MHA may or may not be my current favorite anime. But, it’s still a really cool and cute cosplay. I highly recommend this one!


Disclaimer: I don’t own any of these images, I found all of them through a google search

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