Bat-Crap-Crazy Characters And Why We Love ’em!

Yuno Gasai, Toga Himiko, Dabi, Seijūrō Akashi, Envy, Krad, and many more. We know these characters as either villains or yanderes, or perhaps even both. But something that is quite common is how loved these characters are in the show’s perspective fanbase. Now, why is that? Why are fans, why are we, always drawn to the bat-crap crazy characters? Why do we love them so much? Why is there always so much fan art and fan fiction of these characters? Well, let’s find out eh?


They are psychotic and will do everything to get their way. And that can be very alluring to watch. Not to mention, without a good villain or at least a yandere character or two, there wouldn’t be anything for our beloved good guys to fight or have any moral conflict with. After all, there always needs to be a balance. A yin to the yang so to speak.


It’s undeniable that these bat-crap-crazy characters are fun to watch. In fights, hearing them monologuing, just everything about them draws our attention, heck it commands it. For example, a rather recent villainous duo that has made the spotlight in the anime My Hero Academia: Dabi and Himiko Toga.

As soon as they made their entrance in season three, the fan base was aflame with fan art, fan fiction and fan theories galore—lookin’ at you Dabi. They attracted attention not just because their personalities were interesting: Toga’s blood, uhm, kink. And Dabi with his roguish attitude and mysterious past. They provide a crap ton of entertainment every time we see them. Just starting with their fights with our heroes and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

To put it simply, crazy/villainous characters have us glued to the screen wondering just what the hell they will do next.

Love to hate them

Just as I stated when talking about how we love to watch these characters because of who they are, and we can’t predict what they will do next, there’s also another factor: We love to have a character to hate. Nothing is more satisfying than seeing that one character that you hate with a passion—but secretly adore for being so evil, getting pound into the dirt. For example, I’m sure there were a lot of people rooting for a lot of the Homunculi’s deaths in Fullmetal Alchemist. Or felt it incredibly satisfying when Aizen from Bleach got what he deserved.

Attracted to the bad boy/ bad girl aesthetic

As fans of the anime world, we all know that there’s a certain appeal to the so called “wild side” of a character. Or the “Bad boy/girl” aesthetic. It’s simply nothing more than fan service. And the producers of our favorite shows do this on purpose. Because I bet you that most of the crazy and villainous characters that you love, part of that love stems from thinking they are good looking.

Am I right?

Go on, it’s ok, we’re all fans here…

I have you rethinking your thoughts on a few characters don’t I? (chuckles) That’s what I’m here for. It’s a common thing, we may think that we like ‘em because they are so good at being bad, but that’s only half of it. We like them because, well, they’re hot. Why else does the word “Lemon” exist in the fan fiction world?

Root for the underdog or anti-hero

Finally, the last reason that draws us to the characters that are one cuckoo short of the cuckoo’s nest: We’re suckers for a sappy backstory. Also known as the underdog, the person who had no other choice but to walk a darker path. The one that turns to darkness because they lost the one they loved, or they were betrayed. Any of these tropes ringing a bell? They are? Good that means y’all are sapps just like the rest of us.

Let’s face it, if a villain or crazy character has a sad or relatable backstory, we’re more than likely to like them because it pulls at our heartstrings. We begin to root for them and hope that even though they’re bad now, they can “see the light” and overcome the darkness they shrouded themselves in and come to the good side.

To Conclude….

No matter if it’s sex appeal, underdog heartstring pulling, or an entertaining personality it’s simply undeniable that we love our bat-crap crazy characters and our favorite animes wouldn’t be as half as interesting without them.


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