Quotable Top Ten: Marvelous Marvel Characters!

In the current of events of the great Stan Lee’s death, today’s Quotable Top Ten will honor some of the characters that he has graced us with and made a place in our hearts. We will forever miss you Stan. May you rest in peace you amazing genius.

Without further ado, let’s start this top ten!

10. Captain America

The hero of Justice, the one who will always come through, the shield is a lot of fun to make for a cosplay, and the one you can count on to say “Language!” if he hears swearing in a fight.

9. Ant Man

Never thought I would have an appreciation for ants. Welp, that changed fast. He’s a small solution for big problems. “Ant” no problem he cAn’t solve. (Sorry, not sorry).

8. Black Widow

One of the strongest and most bad ass female super heroes on the Avengers. There is no fight she can’t win. Not to mention cosplaying her, is really empowering.

7. Rouge

She’s overlooked a lot when talking about the X-Men, but personally she’s one of my favorites and partly why I started watching X-Men which eventually led me to reading the comics. This X-men certainly stole my heart.

6. Spider Man

Variation after variation, the Spider man movies never disappointed me. Although, the current Spide-y is my favorite Spider Man will always be one of my favorites to see at conventions.

5. Iron Man

He’s cocky, he’s iconic and well, half of the Avengers wouldn’t be the same without him. Not only that, but his armor is a definite build goal of mine sometime.

4. Beast

Practically the second in command of the X-Men, Beast definitely deserves the spot of the final five. Plus… he’s British so naturally I have a weak spot for that. Not to mention his powers are incredible.

3. Loki

As I said yesterday in my article about villains, everybody loves an entertaining bad boy. And Loki definitely fits the bill. He’s just the right amount of jerk, with the right amount of slight anti-hero. He also makes you want to cheer for him and beat the ever-loving crap out of him at the same time. No wonder there’s always at least five or so cosplayers dressed as him.

2. Storm

The woman can control the weather and strike you down with a single lighting strike. Need I say more?

1. Deadpool

Chimichangas, Unicorns, Ryan Reynolds, and crude humor. Not to mention anytime you see a Deadpool Cosplayer you will be severely entertained And just the fact that he’s the absolute perfect anti-hero.

You’ve given us so many amazing characters, expanded ourcreativity, and gave us access to worlds we couldn’t have even imagined. Youwill be forever in your fan’s hearts. I wish I could have met you. You will forever be a legend Stan Lee.

Disclaimer: I don't own any of the images used. They are based off of, or are 
the work of the brilliant creator. Stan Lee.

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