The Great Anime Debate: Dub Vs. Sub

A little background.

First off, let’s start off with a bit of background to this debate. What is it exactly and why people care so much about a simple difference in the anime we watch. The debate, basically covers one overarching question. What style of watching anime is the best?

Is it the Dub style: Where you have English voice actors and no subtitles? Or is it Sub: Where you have the Japanese voice actors (also called seiyu) voice the characters and you read the subtitles?

This is a long time debate that you will find in any anime convention or if you start talking to an anime fan. The Dub vs. Sub is bound to come up.

Dub vs. Sub: The Dub side.

A lot of people like watching their anime in the dub format. They don’t seem to mind the English voice actors. In fact, a lot of them are beloved some include: Vic mignongna, Eric Vale, Sonny Strait and many more.

The fans of dub say it’s easier to watch the anime and have it in the background because they don’t have to worry about missing anything because of subtitles. They can hear what is going on and not worry that if they turn around for a minute, they’ll miss something crucial or epic.

“Viewers whose thought processes are more speech-oriented than word-oriented also may simply find dubs easier to comprehend and process, especially in works that are heavy on meaningful dialogue or exposition.” An article from TV Tropes stated.

While this is one of the contributing factors, Dub is also popular for another reason. It helps those not entirely familiar with anime, get into it. We all have that friend that is curious about something that we, ourselves are crazy about, but they, not so much. So what’s a better way than to show them a classic anime? And in Dub.

*Side note: The same can also be said for the Sub side as well.

Dub vs. Sub: The Sub side.

Those who watch Sub anime–anime with subtitles and japanese voice actors, you may find are very passionate about this topic. Some going as far to say that Dub is complete trash. Now, to them that is simply their opinion. They believe in Sub so strongly because it’s what they love.

People who watch anime in Sub feel like the voice actors put more passion into the characters. That they can really hear the emotion. Others say they love Sub because they love the fact that it’s in its original form, straight from Japan. Also, others would just state that they like it because they can’t stand hearing the Dub voices, that it doesn’t sound like how the character should sound.

“The ending particle plays a lot into who each character is and depending on what is used, then it says a lot about the character types and personalities.” Inverse stated in their blog about why Sub is better than dub.

This reason can be true for a lot of anime fans. In Sub, you hear characters put things like -ne, or -yo at the end of their sentences. This gives a little spark of personality to them. It shows us how they act, and who they are. Sadly, in Dub this tends to get lost. To “westernize”  things so to speak.

At the end of things

In the end of things, anime is still anime. Whether you prefer to watch it in Dub, or Sub. You have the exact same show. You just hear and experience it two different ways. Not to say that a little debate isn’t fun now and then. It’s not something that should tear friendships apart. The anime community is tight knit one for a reason. No matter what way you prefer your anime, your the same as your fellow Otaku: An anime fan.


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