Cosplay Crafts Review

Hello my fellow Quoters! I’m sure y’all noticed awhile ago I did an article of Top Ten Cosplay Supply Sites. And coming in atnumber one was Cosplay Crafts! Today, I’m going to do a review on them to showwhy exactly I believe they deserved the number one spot in my Top Ten list. So,lets get started shall we?

Who Is Cosplay Crafts?

Cosplay Crafts is an up and coming cosplay supply site that has been gaining a lot of attention since the beginning of this year. They are from the U.S. but ship to many different places. They have many different products, from cosplay clay, to Dremel bits. But, one of their most known products is their EVA Foam.

Cosplay Crafts Products

Now, as I said before, Cosplay Crafts has all kinds of different products. But, so do a lot of other cosplay supply companies so, what makes these guys any different?


As someone who completely sucks at sewing I deal with EVA foam for my cosplays than anything so, the quality of it is ridiculously important to me. That’s what Cosplay Crafts have in their products—seeing that so far, they mainly specialize in EVA foam products. Here are what I believe are the pros and cons of what they sell.

EVA Foam


  • Doesn’t rip easily
  • Easily moldable with a heat gun
  • No acidic smell

Just like we have day, we must have night. So, here’s the downside to their foam


  • Too stiff
  • Dents easily
  • Soaks up paint without priming

EVA Foam Clay


  • Very malable
  • Ideal for intricate details
  • Takes paint easily without priming


  • You need to be carful where you place it otherwise one side won’t dry all the way
  • Dents easily even when dry, so caution is advised
  • Occasionally hardened bits are found within the clay making it occasionally difficult to work with

This is a rather new product that they have stocked so there’s still some improvement, but so far, it’s been quite the handy, dandy notebook—I mean clay. (Total nerd brownie points if you understood that reference)

*They do sell other items aside from foam, but I have not yet tried those items out so I can’t make an honest opinion on those items. But, when I do try them, I will either update this review or make a separate one

Cosplay Crafts Customer Service


  • Friendly
  • Will feature your creations if you post them
  • Answers questions well


  • Takes awhile to answer back

Cosplay Crafts Shipping and Prices


  • Fast shipping
  • Packaged very nicely and delicately
  • Always comes with a sweet thank you note


  • Slightly costly in comparison to some other cosplay supply sites

Score: 8 out of 10Potions


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