Quotable Top Ten: Best Boi’s!

For today’s Q.T.T. I’m going to be a bit self indulgent. What sparked this exactly? I recently had a conversation with one of my friends about our favorite characters. 

So thus, a Top Ten Best Boi’s was born! 

So, let the fangirling begin!

10. Romano – Hetaila 

I chose this adorable personification for several reasons. One of which being his catchphrase when he’s flustered or upset: “CHIGI!” The other reasons being he’s a Tsundere–I mean, come on, who doesn’t love a Tsun-Tsun? His gruff but adorable personality, the fact that when they draw him in chibi style his adorability factor goes up, and lastly his back story.

You really can’t help but love this cute and easily irritated personification of South Italy. He has so much to offer the short series and honestly, the Italy brothers  nor would the Spain mini-arcs be the same without him.

9. England – Hetalia

Another character from the same series? Really Shania? I know, I know. why didn’t I just put them on the same ranking like I no doubt will do later on in this list?

Simple. I feel like these two characters deserved individual rankings because they have individual places in my heart. Romano speaks to my fangirling of adorable tsun-tsuns and my Italian heritage. While England here, is not only adorable, but him and his second player–Oliver Kirkland, carries a special place in my heart because he was the very first cosplay I ever did.

Annnd it helps that every time in the series him and the personification of America have the most hilarious and incredibly entertaining back and forths.

8. Dark Mousy – D.N. Angel

Dark made the list not only because he’s voiced by my favorite voice actor ever–Vic Mignogna, but this character fits all of my favorite male character characteristics:

  • cocky – check
  • handsome – check
  • sarcastic – checkity check
  • intelligent – check! 

And, also I take into account that this character is from the very first anime I ever watched. 

7. Envy and Greed – Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood

I put these two together because they equally deserved this spot. They are what made me actually like the Homunculi in the first place. Envy with his cocky and sadistic attitude. Greed with his equally cocky but flirtatious and loyal attitude. In a way these two were not only very attractive to me, but they pushed the story line in ways that no other character could.

Not to say I still partly hate Envy for a certain characters death, but eh, I still love the sadistic androgynous palm tree. And Greed, just the way he defies the main villain and helps out the chimeras and Ed just makes him the best Anti hero ever. Not to mention the both of them have the coolest powers out of the seven Homunculi.

6. Ignis Scientia – Final Fantasy XV

Not only anime characters are on the list but video game characters are as well! And coming in at the sixth spot is Ignis Scientia! I put him on the list because not only was he my favorite of this game, but just how this character carries himself and how loyal he his to his friends and the Crown in general. And I really admire that. Not only in a character, but in a real person as well. 

That’s what made the ending so heartbreaking to me. Thank Kami for the extra DLC ending.

5. Boris – Alice and the Country of Hearts

He’s the human incarnation of the Cheshire Cat… 

That speaks for itself. 

4. Victor, Yuri, and Yurio – Yuri on Ice

I put these three together because they equally have a place in my heart. And there’s no way I could separate them. This anime and these characters, nothing is more beautiful. Especially the relationships and the relationship between Victor and Yuri–I’m squealing just thinking about how cute the couple relationship between Victor and Yuri is.

Not to mention, how in-depth the anime goes with all three characters and their backstories is just beautiful. They really make the characters come to life. 

3. All Boku no Hero Academia boys

I just couldn’t choose a favorite out of this beautiful anime. They are all amazing with their personalities and backstories. Each one makes the anime what it is. Even… *sighs* Mineta. Yup, I said it. Even the little perverted grape boy is…interesting in his own way. I mean he did do his best with Sero in the exam at the end of Season two…

But yep, no matter who, all of the boys in MHA are fangirl worthy in my eyes. 

2. Junkrat – Overwatch

It shouldn’t be a surprise after seeing a few of my blog posts by now that Junkrat is on the list. I’m a sucker for the bat-crap-crazy ones. From Junkrat’s crazy laugh, to the fact that he’s really fun to play as in the game. he has rightfully earned the number two spot on the best boi list.

And finally, coming in at number one is…..

1. Loke – Fairy Tail

Loke rightfully deserves this number one spot on the best boi list because he was the character that started it all. Even though Fairy Tail was the second anime I watched, it was the anime that got me to be the dedicated anime fan girl I am today. 

And Loke, he was the character that led me to discover not only the world of fanfiction, but how truly amazing anime characters can be. Plus, his backstory is just so beautiful and heart wrenching I couldn’t help but love him. So Loke will forever have a very special place in my heart. Handsome, witty, and incredibly powerful–and he’s Leo so that helps too.

This list was so hard to put together because there were so many I had to leave off. But, these particular characters each have a role close to my heart. 

What are some of your guys’ favorite best boi’s? Tell me below in the comments!

Disclaimer: I don't own any of these images. I found them off of Google.

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