Quotable Reviews: Culvers Diner

Today’s Quotable Review will be on a wonderful dive that I happened to stumble upon with my mom a couple weeks past. Culvers! This cute fifties style diner doesn’t look like much on the outside. But it does indeed have its charm. A pale blue exterior with simple columns and a cute simplistic drive through that wraps around the whole diner. 

Once you step inside, you can really get a feel for the “back in the day” type feel. It really does feel like you have stepped through a time machine. You get a real sense of what it’s like to be in a fifties style Wisconsin diner. 

With their murals of the wide open range and cows grazing. Not to mention the moment you step in, your ears are greeted with the charming melodies of old western music. Culvers gives you a definite sense of a “home away from home.”

But how the atmosphere of the diner isn’t everything that makes this charming, little diner. It’s the employees and their food. Let’s discuss the staff first though before we get to the ‘piece de resistance’.

Whether your glancing around or up at the counter ordering, it’s pretty clear the age denomination of the employees: 15-18. So basically, more than likely they are all high schoolers.

This can be both a bad thing, and a good thing. Here’s why:

The good:

  • Gives employment to kids who more than likely need it.
  • Teaches responsibility 
  • Teaches good manners
  • Social skills improve

The Bad:

  • Teenagers can get listless
  • Because of raging hormones they are more likely to lack in the ability of reign in their temper.
  • Listening skills aren’t always the best because of their short attention spans. So, orders are likely to be wrong on occasion. 

Although there are drawbacks to having teenagers as employees, it’s a respectable risk that Culvers took.  And as I stated above, there are good things about doing that. 

But, enough about their employees. Let’s finally get to what all of you more than likely came to this review for: Their food!

In all of my experiences at diners, I have to say, I haven’t found a better place than Culvers. It’s just something about the way they make their food that makes you immediately think of home cooking.

One of my favorites is to get the spicy chicken tenders with a side of their delicious cheese curds. The chicken tenders aren’t so spicy that they are hard to eat, but they are spicy enough that they give a really nice zing when you bite into them. Not to mention the chicken comes apart so easily with little to no effort at all.

Not only is the chicken good, but the cheese curds side dish that I mentioned early is phenomenal. Before I made my visit to Culvers I had no idea what cheese curds was. And thanks to my visit, I can honestly say, I love them. The way the crust incases the cheese and how you can easily bite into the cheese and have bite after bite without getting tired is amazing. 

But, chicken tenders and cheese curds isn’t the only things Culvers serves. They also serve a variety of burgers and sandwiches. And not only that, but they offer ice cream and shakes too! The only thing I wish they would improve is offer more variety for the ice cream. Seeing that they only offer vanilla and chocolate as their main flavors and they then focus on a variety of toppings after.

In Conclusion…

Overall the food, staff, and atmosphere of Culvers is very impressive–putting aside the minor set backs concerning employee age and less variety in the dessert area. So, I’m quite happy I found this place. If you’re ever in the Bountiful Utah area, I highly recommend checking this place out.

So thus, I give Culvers a score of:

8.5 out of 10 Potions


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