The Gem Of Station Park

       If you head to Harmons in Station Park, Farmington on a Wednesday or a Friday, you are bound to come upon some delicious smells. And I’m not just talking about the food on the shelves or the bakery. I’m talking about a certain table that you can always find on those two days that has the most delicious food.

       Recently, on those twodays I had the great experience to taste two very different, but very delicious foods. On Wednesday, I got to try a very sweet snack. It was a slice of Cinnamon Raison Pecan bread toasted with a sweet honey and caramel glaze. Andto top it all off Mascarpone was placed on top with a couple of glazed pecans. It was very sweet with a satisfying crunch. Not to mention, it’s a very good snack to have on a cold, wet day.

       Then, on Friday my mom and I came across the same table—and just in time too because it was closing down. This time we had the awesome experience to try a delicious Fish and Chips. The fish was a Fresh Haddock Fillet flown directly in from Iceland and was cooked with some herbs, seasoning and of course potatoes—else there wouldn’t be any Chips to the Fish. The combination of everything together after it was filleted, tasted absolutely amazing in my mouth. I can honestly say it felt like my taste buds were doing the macarena. From the very first bite you can taste every flavor that has been put into this dish. And you can clearly tell how well prepared it is as well just how it looks on the sample cups and the dish itself that the samples are cut from.

        But, what would good food be if it didn’t have a good chef? And these dishes most certainly have an amazing one. Lizz, is the chef behind all of these dishes. She is one of Harmons chefs and she definitely has skill. Not only is she very kind and warm hearted making you leave with a warm and happy feeling, but her cooking is absolutely amazing. She’s even making her own cook book!

        These two dishes haven’t been the first that my mom and I have tried. Throughout the months we’ve tried many of the sample dishes she has offered on behalf of Harmons. And we’ll continue to do so. I highly recommend checking out Harmons in Station Park, Farmington for not only the great groceries, but Lizz’s awesome sample dishes!


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