Quotable Top Ten: Top Ten Most Powerful Villains In Anime

You love to hate them, they do nothing but bad things, and occasionally they have very sad backstories. That’s right, I’m talking about villains in anime. From minor to major villains in our shows, the storyline wouldn’t be the same without our antagonists. There would be no conflict, and where’s the fun in that? If you were to make a line up of all of the anime villains throughout the ages that we’ve seen, well, you’d need a really big room for that. So here’s today’s Quotable Top Ten list: The top ten of some of anime’s most powerful villains! 

10. Amaimon – Blue Exorcist

This little demon king may seem calm and collected on the outside, but piss him off or win a battle against him in general, and well, there will be “hell to pay” so to speak. He usually sticks to teasing and agitating his brother and Rin, (an example of this would be when he stole Rin’s sword in the amusement park.) But, win against him in a fight or ignore him and he’ll show you that he is not one to be trifled with. (Also known as you’re more than likely to have a bad day.)

9. Lord Boros – One Punch Man

When Lord Boros comes to mind, all I can think of is one line: “I was bored. That’s why.” An explanation to this line: He became the strongest fighter of his race, and no one could defeat him. So, he goes and destroys every race and planet he comes across until he finds Saitama. Why? He was bored.

8. Sadou Maou – The Devil is a Part Timer!

Satan himself. In his world, Inte Isla, he was as bad as you can possibly get. But, the second he and his general fled to earth–not so much. He more becomes adorable than bad. But, that adorableness goes away pretty quickly once someone threatens his friends (yep, Satan actually makes some friends in this one) or the business he is trying to take over the world from. Viewers remember pretty quickly that this is not just a goofy, lazy character they’re watching. He is Satan. And when he has his powers on his side: all “Hell” breaks loose.

7. Grimmjow JagerJaquez – Bleach

There’s no denying that Gimmjow is a strong villain. And a very hard headed one as well. He’s a fan favorite and I can see why. He has a King of the world–or at least of the Hollows complex and the power to back it up. Plus, whenever he and Ichigo meet, the episodes are highly entertaining.

6. The Titans – Attack on Titan

They’re big, they’re fast, and they will eat whatever–that includes humans, comes in their path. Enough said.

5. Lord Hades- Fairy Tail

Lord Hades has definitely earned his right to be on this list. From having a certain someone’s daughter infiltrate The Grand Council, to straight up nearly–and remember I do say nearly, (power of friendship people, power of friendship) killing Natsu and the gang. This guy is one bad son of a biscuit.

4. Medusa – Soul Eater

They say her sister Lady Arcanea is more evil? Hah, yea no. There is no bounds to this woman’s evilness. She basically controlled everything bad that happened in Soul Eater. Props to her never giving up after being beat so many times though. That snake of a woman has tenacity to spare.

3. Frieza – Dragon Ball

How long did it take to beat this guy again? Out of all of the villains I’ve seen in the series, I believe that Frieza takes the cake for most powerful. And it’s thanks to him that the line: “This isn’t even my final form!” Is now an anime meme.

2. Father – Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood

Wow, and I mean wow. This guy puts even Grimmjow to shame with ego. And power. He created decades and centuries of chaos. All for what? To have knowledge. This guy took the saying “Knowledge is power.” A little too seriously.

1. Tomura Shigaraki – My Hero Academia

Now, I can’t say too much about this guy without giving a lot of stuff away, so I’m just going to give the bare basics. Deranged, wants to kill All Might, powers that you most definitely don’t want to mess with, and has determination and hatred to spare. All of this grants him the number one spot on this list.

Yes, anime has all kinds of villains. From small to large, cute to downright disgusting. If we were to count all of them, we would have a book instead of this list. What are some of your favorite villains? Did I miss any of them? Tell me down below in the comments


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