Quotable Top Ten: The “Smashing Characters Of Smash Bros Ultimate

With the release of Nintendo’s Super Smash Bros Ultimate, I thought it would be fun to discuss a top ten of my own favorite Smash Bros Characters. So, let’s get down to it shall we?

10. Pikachu

He’s adorable, he’s fast, and if you get hit with that Thunderbolt attack of his, you’re pretty much done for. Not to mention the different mods that people have come up with for this adorable Pokémon are pretty funny.

9. Zero Suit Samus

Every time I had the chance to play Zero Suit Samus I loved it. From her regular attack to her ultimate I actually had a chance in the matches with her. Not to mention she’s such a fun cosplay to do.

8. Kirby

This pinky little creature has been a favorite…and the bane of my existence. I love when I get to play him, but when my friends play him…let’s just say I have a really bad time. (It’s not fun being eaten.) But he’s definitely a strong one. Not to mention that recovery of his is fabulous.

7. Toon Link

He’s so much fun to play. I mean, regular Link is cool, but in my humble opinion he’s got nothing on Toon link. From Toon Link’s grappling hook, to his other abilities, it’s thanks to this character that I came really close to actually beating my best friend in a match.

6. Snake

When I first found out that they were bringing back Snake, I was ecstatic. He was one of the main characters that I played in the Wii version. His regular attacks were particularly hard to master, but I adore his ultimate. I feel like a total badass when I use it. There’s nothing like being able to gun down each of your enemies and them not being able to do a single thing about it.

5. Sheik

Once I got my hands on the Wii U version, Sheik was the very first character that I mastered. And boy, was I glad I did. That character is not only my favorite from Ocarina, but boy does he/she have the coolest attacks and a sweet recovery. Now if only I can beat my best friend with it. (one day, one day.)

4. Jigglypuff

This cutie is solely on here for two reasons: 1. Her sleep ability. 2. Her ultimate. Nothing is more adorable than seeing Jiggly puff grow five times her size, do practically nothing but be huge, and then deflate like a balloon.

3. Inkling Girl

It’s an Inkling from Splatoon. Pretty sure this one doesn’t need an explanation.

2. Cloud

He’s always been a favorite Final Fantasy character for me. So the fact that Nintendo has him as a playable character for Smash, makes me one very happy fan girl.

And last, but most certainly not least….

1. Bayonetta

She’s powerful. She’s beautiful. She kicks ass. ‘Nough said.

 Well, that’s it for today’s Quotable Top Ten. Did I list any of your favorites? Did I leave any out? Which characters are you looking forward to playing in this new game? Tell me below in the comments!


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