Where Oh Where Can It Be? Finding The Perfect Cosplay Shoot Location.

So, you have your entire cosplay ready, you know every pose you want to do, and you’re incredibly hyped to do the shoot and get those awesome photos. But, there’s just one problem…

Where in the world are you going to have your shoot at?!

That’s where I come in my dear readers and friends. As a cosplayer myself I’ve come across this problem many times. It all comes down to where you think your character would best fit in in the environment. 

Would it be somewhere forest-y? Or perhaps somewhere with tall, looming buildings. It all depends on how your character is–personality wise, cause a psychotic Yandere is defenitly not going to be put in a cheery shot with cutsey objects around them, and also where the anime or show takes place is a big thing to consider as well.

Here are some tips on some good places to consider shooting in…

  • A city landscape – this would be a good one for characters that are city slickers or hero types. It makes the shot and the character seem powerful. Or it can give the effect of how big the world is, and how small the character is compared to their settings. It all depends on where and how you get the shot. I could ramble on and on about the photography aspect, but lets leave that for another article.
  • Forests, ponds, or hiking trails. – these are really good especially if your character is from a place where it’s swampy. I know I got a really good shoot by a pond for my Dr. Faciliar cosplay.
  • Your home. – Yup, I said it. Your home, if objects and lighting are placed right, can make a really good shooting location. Especially if you’re doing casual shots for your character. 

Now that I’ve covered some good spots that you can shoot your awesome cosplays in, you must be wondering: “Now Shania, sure these are good locations, but aside from my home, how in the world am I supposed to find these locations. It’s not like they’ll pop outta no where.”

Heh, that’s where you’re wrong my friend. These locations have indeed popped out of no where. In fact they can be found probably just a few blocks right out of your front door. What I mean is, by taking a simple walk, not only will you get some really good exorcise you’ll be able to see what amazing places are close to you. It could open up so many new shoot locations.

Heck, you might even find a hidden gem that you never considered as a cosplay shooting spot before. I know I did when I got off at the wrong bus stop and had to trace my way back home, I ended up finding this adorable gazebo that was perfect for my Shy gal cosplay.

It just goes to show that what they say is really quite true. “You never know what you’re looking for, until you find it!”


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  1. After getting into cosplay photography, I have discovered that I can no longer walk by a forked tree without stopping up and considering how it would look if a cosplayer sat in it for a photo.
    It has also resulted in too many sentences like “Hold my helmet. I’m going to climb up there” being uttered when I’m the one in the cosplay.


    • Oh my gosh yes! I’m the same way. Thanks to cosplay I love going on walks just for the sake of scouting out new locations for shooting. I’ve even gone as far as taking a detour from my home just because I wanted to check out a stream with a few trees that looked like it would be great for a hocus pocus shooting lol


      • I caught myself visiting a garden in Israel (I live in Denmark) and instead of just enjoying the beauty, I started considering whether I should make another trip there and whether or not I had any suitcase-suited cosplays, because the setting was BEGGING for a photoshoot.

        (Don’t worry, I came to my senses and admitted that a 6 hours flight might be a bit overkill for an amateur photoshoot.)

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