On The Outside Looking In: A Recap/Look At Holiday Matsuri!

Ah Holiday Matsuri, or Hol-Mat for short. I’m sure I’m not alone when I say I wish I could have attended Orlando, Florida’s awesome convention this past weekend. But, on the bright side there’s plenty of posts on social media to live vicariously through.

Now, for some of you out there you may not know what Hol-Mat is. I’ll give you the quick run down. Holiday Matsuri is a giant anime convention that is hosted in Florida around the Holiday season–hence the name. It’s probably one of the biggest anime conventions held every year. Mostly because of all the big names they bring in each year. Basically, it’s like New York or San Diego Comic Con but for anime.

So now that you’re are educated in the awesomeness that is Hol-mat. And thus, you really wish you could have been there. But never fear! Thanks to the awesome invention that is social media, I can show y’all what exactly went down this year.


Hol-Mat had a lot of really popular cosplayers this year. Usually that’s one of the main reasons why Holiday Matsuri is so very popular. Everyone loves seeing their favorite cosplay heroes and getting to finally meet them in person.

Here are some of the awesome cosplayers that attended this year…

  • Leon Chiro – One of the most well known cosplayers especially known for his kindness to his fans and his spot on cosplays such as Gladio from Final Fantasy XV to All Might from My Hero Academia.
  • Yaya Han – Another fan-favorite. And a very well known cosplayer. She’s well known for many of her cosplays not to mention, her fabric line that’s sold at Jo Annes.
  • Moderately-Ok-Cosplay – One of my personal favorites. His Final Fantasy and Kingdom hearts cosplays are always on point.
  • Phil Mizuno – He’s definitely a cosplayer superstar so it’s no wonder he was invited as a guest. From his adorable plush cat line to all of the different cosplays he’s done he definitely has talent.

Not only were there awesome cosplayers and cosplays to see, but Hol-Mat also held quite a few cosplay meet-ups such as Overwatch and Disney.

Guests and Panels

We all know that cosplayers and cosplays are a big part of conventions but so are the guests and the panels and Hol-Mat looked like it had some pretty good ones this year. From Todd Habercorn, to some of the voices from the game Overwatch. They managed to rope in a lot of well known anime celeberaties.

As for the panels, they had what really every convention for anime has, but I was glad to see that in their schedule there wasn’t a second that was missing something. You would always have something to do. And that is always something important I look for in conventions.


Even though I myself didn’t go to Hol-Mat, from an outside looking in perspective it looked like a really cool convention. I am defensibly going to try to attend next year. And then you guys will get live coverage from the event! 


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