Quotable Reviews: My Hero Acdademia Season Three!

Hello everyone! It’s time for this week’s Quotable Review! Seeing that I ended up doing quite a bit of My Hero Academia this week–from cosplay to articles, I decided to finish this week off with a review on the latest season!

So let’s get to it shall we?

The Good.

The latest season of MHA had a lot going for it so let’s start with the first thing I liked in it. Character development. Yup, I know I always discuss this in some form or another. In this season there was a lot of it. Mainly with our two favorite little protagonists: Our favorite underdog-Izuku Midoriya and of course our little Tsun-Tsun-Katsuki Bakugou.

When Katsuki got captured by the League of Villains, this hit Izuku hard. He felt that it was his fault that his childhood friend got captured. Because he was just a few seconds off from saving him from the villains grasp.

This made Izuku work harder and train more to become the kind of hero that can save his friends no matter the circumstance. This becomes a pivotal moment for our little Izuku. He’s not only able to strategize and save his friend, but he’s able to become stronger both emotionally and physically.

He’s fired up now!

Now, with Katsuki his change was directly after he was saved. He felt like he was the cause for All Might’s forced retirement which was a catalyst for his and Izuku’s fight. In the end, though this fight was a long time coming and a huge thing for character development. Why you ask? It finally made Katsuki see Izuku as an actual strong rival than a weak nerd. Plus, he finally finds out how exactly Izuku got his powers. From the hero he has long time admired: All Might.

The next point that stuck out in this season that I thought was well done, was how they introduced the entirety of the League of Villains. When we first met the League, It looked that they only had a small team of two. Mr. Warp Gate–his name really isn’t important in my opinion, and the very trouble puppet on a string–Tomura Shigaraki.

But now, when we seen them again at the training camp in the woods, they have grown vastly in their numbers. I believe they took on seven more members each containing their own unique quirks. It is a shame that they use it for villainy. And who could forget the appearce of a certain scarred fire boy *cough* Dabi and a little loli psychopath-Toga.

I can’t wait to see what they do with these characters in the next season.

The Bad.

Since this is one of my favorite animes, it pains me to say that it had something bad in this season. But, alas, every anime can’t be perfect. The only thing that didn’t sit well with me was the first opening that they used at the beginning of this season.

The music that an anime uses is everything. It helps tell the story from the very beginning. It helps set the tone. Telling you whether shit will hit the fan, or it’ll be a rather fluffy arc. The music tells it all. And in the beginning of this season…I get the feeling that it’s going to be cheery and happy, but oh boy, is it not.

Not happy at all…

Because what part of All Might being forced into early retirement, Izuku getting extremely beat up, and the crime rate with villains start to spike is a good, happy thing? Nothing of that is happy! So the opening music sadly leads us astray. Thankfully though, it gets better later on in the season.

The Meh.

For this category I saw two things that was Meh. One of them was the fact that even though they showcased more of the other characters in the other class–which was a nice change, it felt like they just dropped them in there.

From seeing those characters back in the Sports Festival, it’s clearly seen that the other class has colorful personalities and are just as awesome as our beloved class 1-A, but they aren’t shown enough and I for one, would love to see more of these characters. For example Tetsutetsu Tetsutetsu. They need to show him more! He was adorable and so much fun to watch in both the Sports Festival and the Internship with Kirishima. We need more of him and his classmates!

See! He agrees!

The next and final point that is in this category was how little we got to see of The Big Three. I know that they are going to show them off more in the next season, but what they showed us so far, isn’t enough to satisfy me. I want more of that amazing, intriguing, silly, and no doubt entertaining trio!

In Conclusion…

I love this anime to its very core but, even though it had some amazing points such as the introduction of the major players of the League and the character development mixed with some high powered action, it didn’t quite measure up to it’s former seasons in my opinion. So let’s hope that;ll change with the newest season this October!

What do y’all think? Do you think it measured up? Or do you share my opinions? Why don’t we chat about it in the comments!

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