The Good, The Bad, And The Quirkless

Ever since its anime release on April 3, 2016 My Hero Academia has been a huge hit. There’s just something about super powers, hot anime characters, and Shounen that make an anime irresistible.

Am I right? Or am I right?

Now, after watching MHA about *ahem* twenty or so time through, I wanted to analyze this amazing anime–like a fangirl’s Analysis…hmm I may just start calling that from now on. It’s catchy! Anyway, onto the Fangirl Analysis!

The Characters.

Where do I even begin? The cast of these characters are just…what’s the word for it? Crazy? Lovable? Odd? All of the above? Yea, let’s go with all of the above. I would love to talk about them all but, that would take more than this article. So, I’ll just discuss a few that really popped out at me and had some major growth through the seasons.

Izuku Midoriya

How could I not start off with this adorable under dog? He’s the main character of course. And even though he starts out quirk less and then gets a super powerful quirk later on, (Sky High vibes anyone?) It doesn’t follow the old trope of the overpowered main character which is really refreshing.

Plus, Izuku doesn’t fit your regular Shounen Jump MC either. He’s an adorable, very emotional, determined, fan boy that just wants to achieve his dreams no matter how many times he’s told no. Plus, as the show goes on, you can see so much development for him. (I won’t spoil in case some of y’all haven’t gotten that far though.)


For those who have seen the recent season and/or read the manga, read onto the next paragraph.

Spoilers Below!

Ever since Izuku had his internship with Gran Torino, he has not only been growing with his powers, but with his personality. He’s no longer that semi-wimpy quirk less boy that we were first introduced to. Especially after rescuing Katsuki from the League of Villains and then proving himself at the Hero Provisional license exam. He’s still our lovable dork but, there’s an undeniable change in our Deku.

Katsuki Bakugou

Ah my little Tsundere child. We certainly can’t talk about Izuku without talking about Bakugou. From the very beginning we can see that Bakugou talks a big talk. But, he can also back up that talk–a.k.a. insults and prideful statements, with his hella powerful quirk: Explosion.

But, as the anime goes on, I saw many changes with this feisty boy. From seeing how hard he must truly work to truly become the best, to resolving–at least partially, his issues with Deku.

Spoilers Below!

Continuing on this thought, we see that there is a lot more than pride that fuels our Tsun-Tsun. Going on a bit of a psychoanalysis here, we get a deeper look at Ka-Chan especially after he gets captured by the League. There’s so much emotion contained in this boy.

From being prideful in general, feeling like he failed All Might, and then who could forget, his view of Izuku changing. From seeing him as just a quirk less annoyance, to a powerful rival. Or perhaps he saw him as that all along…

All Might

Ok… So this whole character analysis is basically going to be one big spoiler so if you haven’t gotten at least as far as the second season do not read on. Just a warning.

Yagi Toshinori. Or as we all know him as…All Might. All Might is incredibly popular in MHA because he’s the most powerful hero of the anime. But, watching the series over and over again, I can see there’s so much behind this character.

From starting out quirk less to meeting Nana Shimura and gaining One For All. Not only that, he’s certainly seen his share of hardships which makes me admire the fact that he tries to smile no matter what. I also love the fact that with each episode, we can clearly see how much he truly cares for Izuku. It’s practically like he sees him as his own son.


I just had to talk about this sadistic fire boy. Not just because he quickly became one of my favorite villains with his appearance at the training camp. But, because of the fan theory going around. What theory you may ask? Nabi being a Todoroki.

Spoilers Ahead…

If you think about it, this theory works. He knows Shoto’s full name, he has a fire quirk, deep blue eyes like Shoto, and… Shoto’s eldest brother disappeared long ago.

And in the MHA Wiki it states that Shoto’s younger brother claimed that he will never forgive their father for what he did to Touya–the eldest Todoroki. It all makes sense. Even the part where Dabi proclaimed to Shigaraki that he goes by Dabi now and refuses to give him his actual name.

When the fourth season starts this October, I’m really intrigued to see what they’ll do for this character. Who knows, they may actually prove this theory right.

The Story Line.

Now that I’ve talked about some of the characters, let’s get into the plot shall we? At the beginning it can seem like a very slow going show which may turn off a lot of viewers. But, if you give it time and push to at least the third episode, you will definitely fall in love with it like the rest of us.

And it doesn’t stop there. With each season, MHA offers so many plot twists and turns that capture your attention. And it gives just the right balance of character explanation and story line push. And the best part, it has absolutely no fillers.

Another thing that I enjoyed about the story line of My Hero Academia, is that it gives just the perfect mix of story telling and actually making you feel for each and everyone of the characters. Whether it is hate, or love. You have some sort of connection with each of them. And that’s what I love about this anime. I can definitely see why this is a constant fan favorite.


I had to talk about this, after all what is an anime without its art style? My Hero Academia for sure has a intriguing art style. At first it struck me as right out of a comic book, but I found myself getting rather fond of it. And it’s not just that style either, it develops more into the classic Shounen art style later on. Especially with the various looks of the characters. After all, it wouldn’t be Shounen without a few crazy hair colors.


The last concept I will be analyzing of this anime. I’ve gotta say, this anime has some beautiful music. From its openings to it closings, this anime sure knows how to get you pumped for a single episode. In my opinion, the music tells a story. And they do a very good job at it.

With the first season, you can get the feel of how hard Izuku is trying to become the best, and with the next openings to come, it takes you on his journey. From the highs, to the lows. Through each note, each crescendo, each rest, you can really feel the soul of the music. And I appreciate that fully.

The only complaint I would bring up though, is within the ending of the second season. For the events happening, the music for the opening seems too happy. You don’t get the whole message they are no doubt trying to convey. Thankfully though, it gets better later on.


So, in conclusion I can certainly see why My Hero Academia is a favorite. Hell, it’s even my favorite. From its characters, to its music, every detail makes me happy that I am an anime fan. And I will always go “Plus Ultra!” With everything I do.


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