It’s Collab Time! With Irina And Shania! BoogiePop And Others

Hey everyone! Shania here! And I’m pleased to announce that Quotable Creations is doing a Collaboration Article! Yup, you heard right One of my New Year’s Resolutions is actually happening! And it’s with the amazing Irina from It’s an awesome anime blog that I highly recommend checking out!

Hey Irina! Have anything to say to our amazing readers?

Hello Amazing Readers. The world is completely frozen over right now so good company like this is doubly appreciated! I’m glad you’re all here.

Alrighty, now that we have the intros done, let’s get to what we’ve all been wait’n for…The collab article! We first started this article on Irina’s site here.

So check that out if you missed the first part. I’ll give y’all a second to go check it out…

You back? Great!

So.. the third episode of BoogiePop and Others. All I can say is holy crapola the statement: Blink and you’ll miss something is true! So much happened in this episode! Am I right or am I right?

Wait. What just happened?

You’re not wrong. In fact I think the pacing is a little off here. This need to advance the cryptic storyline all the way through in each episode is making it difficult to form the proper attachments to the characters I find, and emotional resonance in a story like this, is pretty important once the shock value wears off.

This said – it’s a side effect of the narrative structure so I’m not too worried about it yet…

I liked that it gave us a lot answers to a lot of questions but jeez, can you give us a breather? First it starts off with a calm atmosphere–well, as calm as BoogiePop can get. When Nitoki, Shirou, and (oh goody..) Manako are looking for the girl who “disappeared” last episode. And then…Sheet hits the fan big time..

She’s about to lose it everyone…

From yandere moments, a lot of blood shed, and okay…Echoes can now apparently turn into a beam of light and make the Manticore have a total Exorcist moment.

That…just happened, didn’t it?

What are your thoughts as an anime critic on this episode Irina?

This is what I was referring to above. The missing girl in question is Shirou’s girlfriend and from what we know they were quite happy together, yet you can’t get much more than grim curiosity from him over her disappearance. Since we hardly know either of them and nothing at all about their relationship, we can’t empathize with his loss. It also robs us of the visceral punch of later tragedies in the episode.

I like the idea that every episode is essentially the entire story arc at different moments, from different points of view. It requires a bit more effort from the audience but it’s an original and interesting plot device and I applaud this originality. However, as a feature of the technique, early character development is sacrificed. We can’t get to know characters slowly as we jump around the timeline to when the in narrative relationships are already established. Because of the need to carefully situate the audience, non verbal storytelling is almost entirely used to established setting and timeframe, rather than state of mind. It’s not surprising that most of the main cast comes off as expositional tools rather than people, for the moment.

This said, the potential is there to build upon itself. Since we are seeing the ame events over and over, we can get bits of development that slowly comes together to form fully fledged personalities by the end of the series. It’s a challenging feat of non traditional narrative writing and I really want to see if they can pull it off.

Phew, how’s that? No one’s ever called me an anime critic before so I tried really really hard. I’m hungry now.

Heh, I know the feeling. But, I do think you’re an anime critic. Not to mention a good one. I may be good at talking about cosplays, but you my friend, are on a whole ‘nother level when it comes to talking about anime.

You’re awesome!

Anyhoo, I actually liked this anime. The aesthetics were really good this time. And we actually get some answers to that jarring back and forth from the last two episodes. Plus, I just knew this would happen, we get our definite Yandere. In these types of anime it’s bound to happen.

We may have a slightly different definition of yandere.

Yea…probably.But I was getting some seriously creepy vibes from Manako when he was talking about both the Manticore and Kirima. But, back to what you were saying…

Otherwise the episode was decent. The dialogues is a bit clunky and juvenile. Like I said, the narrative structure could go either way. For the moment it’s sort of surface level. We don’t have much n way of motivation for the characters. The alien aspect seems tacked on (even if it was in the manga) and the characters are forgettable.

Then again, just the fact that we can easily follow along and understand what’s happening is pretty impressive here. And nothing is annoying. I am interested in seeing what will happen next.

Well, that’s it for this episodes collab. Catch ya next time my friends! Later!


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