The Making Of: Dr. Faciliar

Once I saw Disney’s Princess and the Frog for like…the sixth or seventh time, (I’m a big fan of Disney’s movies) I knew I had to make a Dr. Faciliar cosplay.

I already adore almost all of the Disney villains–except Frollo, but that’s a story for an other day…Anyways, Dr. Faciliar was such a fun cosplay to do and here’s how it started…

A closet cosplay.

Seriously, no joke. This one of my very first cosplays I did when I made my decion to go pro. Probably the only things I made for this cosplay were two items:

  • The Top Hat- A lot of things were learned with that project. Especially one very important detail: Measure your head before making any sort of a head piece! It will save you a lot of time and frustrating moments of foam cutting.
  • Dr. Faciliar’s Staff- My first big prop project, and it’s safe to say I learned that no matter how hard you try, you can’t. And shouldn’t. Use Styrofoam for the head of the scepter! Wood and Styrofoam just can’t be glued together. Well, unless you have the proper glue and preparations. Which, I did not at the time.

The rest of the cosplay consisted of literally things I found from my closet. A pair of black slacks and a dressy black suit jacket.

This goes to show that even closet cosplays can turn out magnificent. So no matter what your skill level, if you want to cosplay and only have things in your closet to work with, go for it. Nothing should stop you from doing what you love.

Fun Fact:

With the Dr. Faciliar cosplay, I did my first professional shoot. It was so much fun and I met a very talented and nicest photographer I’ve worked with so Far. Amy Klundt. IF you are a Cosplayer in the Utah area, I highly recommend her. Her photography skills are amazing and she is so fun to work with. She definitely makes you feel at ease when you’re shooting.

Dr. Faciliar

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  1. That looks great! (You know, I’m originally from Belle Chasse, just downriver from New Orleans.) Gotta tell you, though, I’m waiting to see how many Disney “princess” movies survive the #metoo movement. You know, Princeton’s a cappella group the Tigertones already stopped performing The Little Mermaid song “Kiss the Girl” because of concerns. . .

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  2. Thanks! And that’s cool. Also, I can see their motives and although I back the #metoo movement, attacking Disney princess movies would be going way to far. They’re fiction, and disney. People need to learn to not let everything get to them and to stop twisting what the movement is truly about.


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