Quotable Top Ten: Most Difficult Materials To Work With

Hey, everyone, it’s that time again, the Quotable Top Ten! This week I’m going to be covering the Top Ten most difficult materials to work with, in cosplay. You know the ones, the ones you know you have to use but you dread coming in contact with them becasue they are a pain in the butt. Well, today I’m giving y’all a Top Ten list of what I think are the most difficult.

Let’s get started shall we?

10. EVA Foam Mats

I’m not talking about the nice EVA foam rolls you can get at cosplay supply sites. Nope. This is the heavy duty stuff you get at constroution stores like Lowes. These do have their uses though, for example if you are working on a heavy duty armor build. But, what makes them a pain to work with is how much fuzz, dust, and constant coats of Plasti Dip it takes so it won’t soak up your paint like a sponge.

9. PVC Pipes

It works beautifully for a base for big props, but good. KAMI! Is it difficult to get foam to stick on it. That is why it’s a godsend that sand paper and Barge/Dap contact cement exists.

8. Worbla

“It’s a whole new world!” You really didn’t think I would refrain from references–especially Disney did ya? Anyhoo, being more of a foam smith myself, I don’t often work with Worbla. But, I’ve used it a couple times to know that if not handled properly, your projects are going to be a bit difficult to accomplish.

7. Plastic

This material has given me so much trouble. Especially in the making of my Dr. Faciliar cosplay. Which, Ironically enough, I talked about yesterday! (Wanna check it out? Click here!)

If you don’t coat the plastic with the proper coating–A.K.A. plastic specific paint and/or spray, everything will fall to pieces…literally.

6. Felt

It’s an angel when you cut it, but sewing it is a whole ‘nother story. Patience is truly a virtue if you are going to insert this into a sewing machine. Else, get ready to unclog your needle time and time again.

5. Jewlery Wire

It really comes in handy for both making attachments and bases , but oh boy is this super temperamental. Bend it the wrong way or heat it up too much, and good luck. Getting it back into shape will not be easy.

4. Eyeliner

Didn’t think I would just talk about materials that you can build stuff with did ya? Make-up is just as important to the cosplay process. And that is why eyeliner is the bane of my cosplay make-up artist existence.

This sucker is nessesary , but shaky hands and a perfectionistic outlook for how my character’s eyes need to look, is not a fun combination. But I can only learn from my failures and experiances. You can’t learn from being perfect.

In fact…perfection doesn’t even exist.

3. Hot Glue

Takes forever to heat up. I burn myself every time. And I’ve wanted to chuck it against the wall a dozen times. But…it is good for small projects and quick fixes. But, that is all I’m giving this thing.

2. Plasti Dip

I’m mainly talking about the spray for this one. Because compared to the spray, the paint version is a godsend. In my past article: https://quotablecreations.com/2018/11/06/primed-and-ready-why-use-primer/

I say that using Plasti Dip is essential when foam-smithing. I won’t take this back, cause it is . (Else be prepared to waste a whole bottle of paint) But Oh my Kami is it finnicky. It’s messy, takes forever to dry, and you have to hold it a certain distance away from your project else you’ll get bubbles on it.

And last, but certainly not least…

1. Styrofoam

Bane of my existance. Period. I give a good paragraph worth of a rant on this material on my Dr. Faciliar article. No matter how many times I try to work with it, it screws me over.

Do any of the materials I mentioned above give you a hard time? Lets talk about it! I love sharing experiences.

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