Shania’s Cosplay Adventures: Contact Cement Is Cool, And The Case Of The Missing Muse

Hello my fellow cosplayers, cosplay enthusiasts, or hell, anyone who just love looking at the magnificent pieces of art that some magnificent human beings are capable of making. Anyhoo, enough of my babble. I want to introduce y’all to a new series of articles I’m starting up: Shania’s Cosplay Adventures. Basically little drabbles of interesting, fun, or even random stuff that I’ve come across on my journey to being a “God-Tier” professional Cosplayer like those I admire.

So let’s begin with the first story shall we?

Fan girl drabbles, Yay!

Contact Cement, oh how I love you

This is something I just came across just a few days ago. I just barley ran out of my bottle of Elmer’s Liquid Contact Cement–which granted, is good for small jobs but, I advise using it for big projects. Anyway, I ran out of the glue that I was stupidly using for everything.

So, fast forward to my trip to the nearest construction store and having a quite nice employee point me in the direction of a fantastic glue called Dap Contact Cement.

Next I go home and try it out. Quick tip for those who have never used Dap Contact Cement, let it dry before sticking your foam pieces together. Else…they ain’t going to stick. I found out the hard way.

But once they are dry, go ahead and stick ’em together. They will adhere beautifully! Like, oh my Kami is this an amazing glue! Granted, it smells so I highly suggest using it outside or in highly ventilated room. But, wow this sucker is strong! I was able to get three props done! Three!

Sadly, today I couldn’t prime as planned though…*looks out the window* Curse you rain! Hopefully it’s better weather tomorrow so I can actually finish said projects.

It’s definitely a love/hate thing with rain

I’m so very excited to show all of you those projects. Which brings me to my next topic in this drabble…

The case of the missing muse is solved!

For quite sometime, I was only able to access my writing muse. Now, don’t get me wrong. I love her. Well, except when she gives me crazy original characters and tons of writing ideas when I haven’t even finished one measly book yet.

Writing Muse: You know you love it.

Quiet you. Anywho, I wasn’t able to have access for some reason to my cosplay muse. The one who gets me excited and gives me energy to make new cosplays, build new props, fix old cosplays, and try new make up tricks for–you guessed it, cosplay!

But I’m happy to say it came back a couple days ago! Yay! That means I will be posting a lot of my “The Making Of” articles, Tutorials, and of course pictures of them all. So stay tuned for that my fellow nerds!

Isn’t it great when muses finally decide to get their butts back?

Cosplay Muse: You want me to leave again?

*nervous laughter* heh. you wouldn’t dare…

Cosplay Muse: Watch me.

How I feel with my Muses sometimes…

*Sigh* Temperamental muses. Anyways, that’s a wrap for this drabble! I hope you guys enjoyed it! Stay tuned for more awesome articles. Like tomorows movie review on a certain DC superhero.

*Gasp* Shania actually watched a DC movie?! I know, I know. But…it was Aquaman, and he’s well….you get the idea.

Later my fellow Nerds!


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