Quotable Reviews: Aquaman

Yup, the title surprises me too guys. I never thought I would review, let alone see, a DC movie being a Marvel girl myself. But, it has happened. Just a couple days ago my mom convinced me to go see it with her. And I must say, I was surprisingly not disappointed. So let’s get started, shall we?

The Good.

Surprisingly there were quite a few things I actually enjoyed about this movie. Which takes me by surprise seeing that most DC movies, in my opinion, tend to fall flat. The first thing that really stood out to me was the costume design–no surprises there.

From the armor of the Atlanteans, to how the fishmen look. All of the costumes are just so flawlessly designed they definitely make me want to do a Aquaman inspired cosplay sometime soon. Especially with all of those vibrant colors. And have you seen those Tridents? I can definitely see a Trident prop build in my future.

I mean, just look at ’em!

Another thing I liked that this movie did, was the backstory. Yes! DC finally gives us a decent character backstory. From the story we see at the beginning with Aquaman’s parents. How they meet, and how beautiful their love is. I mean come on, a human and an Atlantean fall in love knowing it’s forbidden. Call me a hopeless romantic, but that is beautiful.

It’s. SO. Beautiful!

Next, the backstory with Aquaman. Although I didn’t get much which was a bit disappointing, I still liked the show of how Arthur was as a kid. Also the occasional flashbacks as he grows older.

Now, the final thing that caught my eye with this movie, was how they showed that Aquaman isn’t invincible. They showed this with the first fight between him and a certain prick he has to fight. And at the end with something else he has to fight–I’m not saying who/what so I don’t spoil it for anyone who hasn’t watched it.

I like that showed he wasn’t invincible because too often in superhero movies, they make a show like nothing can stop the heroes. But, with Aquaman, sure he can take quite a few hits, but there are times where you’re legitimately not sure if he’ll make it through. And I appreciate this.

The Bad.

Since this is a DC film, of course I’m going to crack down on quite a few things because I feel like they could do so much better with their movies. But, I’ll just touch on one concept that bugged me the most.

In the beginning–after the backstory, I had no freaking clue what was going on! Hell, for half of the movie until Aquaman got to Atlantis was confusing. It felt like so much information was thrown my way and I couldn’t make heads or tails of it. It was interesting and I wanted to know more, but it felt like I was having a moment of: so this is happening right now, and look! now this is happening! And here! Here’s another big event. And there all going on at the exact same time!

Talk about a whirlwind. If they just took it a little bit slower, rather than trying to throw all these scenes at us all at once, it would have worked so seamlessly.

The Meh.

In all honesty, there wasn’t anything “Meh” about this movie. Just good and bad. So…..Here’s a really hot gif of Aquaman instead. (C’mon, you know I was gonna do it sooner or later.)

So, how’d I do? Do you agree with this review? Or do you have other opinions? Let’s talk about it!

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