The Making Of: 2P! England

Wow, does this cosplay take me back. I made my first attempt at this cosplay all the way back in my first year of cosplay, when it was only a hobby that I was first getting into. It was my Second Player England Cosplay from the anime Hetalia.

Now, the Second Players were unfortunately not canon on the anime, but they had a huge fanbase backing them. When I first stumbled upon this fanbase and found out about England’s Second Player: Oliver Kirkland. I just knew that I had to try to cosplay this crazy Yandere.

This cosplay was started with a white button up shirt that I “borrowed” from my mom, and then I went to the nearest thrift store and found a purple plaid vest that I had help altering to make it fit right. Because at the time, I had no cosplay skills what-so-ever. I was just a hatchling cosplayer.

Then I ordered the wig. And, oh boy did this label me as a beginner cosplayer because for some reason, I thought it would be a great idea to get an overly synthetic, very pink wig for this cosplay. *shivers* Oh I am so glad that years later I redid this cosplay and exchanged the wig for an actual England-blonde wig. One that won’t shed every five minutes.

I also paired a really nice pair of beige jeans with this cosplay and that worked really well. As for the props, I wasn’t able to make decent ones till just last year. My EVA foam knife and cupcake. And I’m still working on my cupcake to this day–I’m a bit of a perfectionist.

I’m actually quite proud of this Knife.

I most definitely learned two major things with this cosplay though…

  1. If you continue at something enough, you will improve. Looking at pictures from when I first made this cosplay back in 2015 to my redo last year in 2018, the change is beautifully drastic. My makeup improved, the wig looked better, and I actually learned how to pose!
  2. You can find material for your cosplay anywhere! From a thrift store, to making things from hand!

Fun Fact:

This cosplay was not only my very first cosplay, but the cosplay that made me fall completely head over heels for it. I loved the creative aspect to it, and how I had the ability to bring fictional characters to life by dressing up as them. I’m really glad I stumbled upon cosplay and I don’t think I’ll ever stop.

“Such a beautifull cupcake, don’t you think, Poppet?”

Wanna see more pictures of my 2p! England? Check out my Cosplay page!


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  1. All he ever had to do was drop her off here in Memphis. Once she met a guy who actually appreciated her, I’m pretty sure she’d forget what’s-his-name. . .

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