Quotable Top Ten: Top Ten Favorite Kingdom Hearts Characters

With the upcoming release of Kingdom Hearts 3, I just had to release a Quotable Top Ten of my favorite Kingdom Hearts characters. Because through the whole series of games, Square Enix has given us a wide array of beautiful characters. Of both light and darkness.

So let’s get started shall we?

10. Yen Sid

I’ve got mad respect for this guy. Even though we don’t have much info on him on how exactly he came into the Kingdom Hearts characters lives, I love the role he played in Dream Drop Distance. The way that he holds himself just exudes power and how he was ok with letting Lea take the Keyblade Mastery exam. It was awesome.

9. Xeohnart

He is one bad dude. And he just. Keeps. Coming. Back! He just wont’ die! Not to mention how many forms he has. He is the literal definition of “This isn’t even my final form!” But, he makes one hell of a villain and I can’t wait to see what is going to go down in number 3.

8. Roxas

Oh you poor, naïve Nobody. Roxas went through so much in 358/2. All he wanted was just to be his own person and to have answers. Not to be used as some puppet. Seeing that 358/2 was my first game that I played in this series, I have a special place in my heart for Roxas.

7. Namine

Another Nobody that I felt badly for. The organization used her to wipe Sora’s memories and seriously mess things up. But, the girl has some serious redeeming moments after. Not to mention she’s fricken’ adorable!

6. Venitus

Ventus’s Heartless. I never thought that Ventus could get any cuter, but boy was I wrong. Yea, Venitus is a total ass, but with that black hair and cocky as hell attitude, he’s hot….I may have a soft spot for antiheros and bad boys.

5. Sora

It was impossible for me to not put this boy on the list. I mean c’mon! He’s our main protagonist. Granted, he is also our unwitting hero seeing that he wasn’t the one that was bequeathed the Keyblade in the first place. But, because of Riku’s little screw up–nice going there buddy, he got the Keyblade and made the best of it. And boy did he kick ass! And sacrifice his own life for so many! Like again, and again! Geez he’s lucky that he has people to save his Keyblade wielding butt or this poor boy would be long dead.

4. Aqua

Ever since I found out about her in Birth by Sleep, she is best girl. Try to change my mind.

3. Zexion/ Ienzo

One of my favorite Organization 13 members. Plus I love his human character. His story is so intriguing and I love the Lexicon that he uses as Zexion.

2. Riku

This boy is has seen a lot. First he gives into the darkness, tries to fight it off for more than half of the series, and then finally redeems himself with the Keyblade Mastery test. He definitely deserves this spot on the list.

And finally….

1. Axel/ Lea

He’s on this list because not only do I adore his story, but his personality. Cocky, witty, charming, one hell of a fighter and I can’t be the only one that bawled at the first time he died. luckily that leads to him coming back as a human.

So, that’s it for this Top Ten! What di you guys think of this list? Did I miss any of your favorite characters? Let’s chat about it!

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