It’s Collab Time! With Irina And Shania. BoogiePop And Others Ep. 5

Hey everyone! It’s my turn to host it again! The BoogiePop and Others Collab with Irina! From This is the fifth episode so far and I must say, BoogiePop, you finally impressed me! We finally get an episode that makes sense. In fact from watching this episode, everything is actually starting to come together!

What about you Irina? Did you get that same feeling?

Well I always thought it made sense. It’s a lot more straightforward than I expected really. I have to admit I watched this a few days ago now and it’s already starting to fade in the details. I’m not sure why the shady organisation is trying to control students and I still don’t know why the Imaginator wants to destroy the world in the first place. So I guess, no.

Maybe we would Imaginator Maybe we would…

In this episode, we get a look at the couple that “God-complex” Senpai saves from those teenagers. In fact, we get a lot of new and interesting information One being that the boy-Migasaki I believe it was? Is Nagi’s brother and that he initially wasn’t in that alley to save that girl. He was assaulted by those boys in his class Then the girl, who we find out later on her name is actually Camille, steps in and saves him in an…interesting way. Thus leading up to them going on various dates and actually becoming a couple. Talk about an interesting series of events wouldn’t you say?

Well, that escalated quickly.

It’s nice that they are starting to weave he stories back together. They may be happening simultaneously for all we know.

We then get a complete switch of point of view to a boy name…Asua? I think. This anime has so many character names it’s a bit hard to keep track. Anywho, this point of view change kinda threw me through a loop for a minute but, once the Towa Corp and creepy synthetic guy was introduced and BoogiePop did her thing, it kind of cam together. Especially when “God-complex” Sempai stepped in.

I really liked this boy. His PoV was the most relatable and layered so far. Well at least it was until he lost his agency.

And…his mind.(Thanks Synthetic Human)

That’s a shame, I was really enjoying the tentative love triangle and confused awakening storyline. It was very humane and visceral. I was kinda bummed out that the basically killed that particular plot thread before it even started.

And there goes our possible love triangle….

So true. It would have been interesting to see what would have happened if he ended up confessing his feelings to him.

After the events of this episode it almost makes me think that the first three were just there to set up the scene for the Imaginator arc. Let’s hope I’m right and it doesn’t disappear like the Manticore arc did. Because then, there goes my theory…

Oh, hey Manticore…

There wasn’t any aesthetic that really stood out–aside from the synthetic human, I’m seriously intrigued how the Towa Organization is going to play a role in this. I’m quite impressed with this episode. And I’m hopeful for more

I really liked the beginning of the episode and it gives me hope for some solidly written drama but for me, the Towa shenanigans felt way to silly and superficial to be taken seriously so I sort of tuned them out. I do want to see how they’ll fit it into the greater storyline mind you.

Well, that’s a wrap for this week’s episode, catch us on the flip side on Irina’s blog next time my friends!


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