Quotable Review: Spiderman: Into The Spiderverse!

I think this movie has been out for quite some time, but after seeing it on a date a few days ago, I just had to do a Quotable Review on it. And…*looks at the calendar* it’s the next day, as in the day I usually don’t post the review eh? Ah, better late than never. Anyway, back to the review! I’m really happy I saw this, it was really good. I honestly had mixed thoughts at first, but the movie quickly changed my opinion.

So, let’s get started shall we?

The Good

First off, the plot is what caught my attention the most. Like holy crapola is this impressive! First we’re introduced to who turns out to be the main…well, main-ish character of the movie: Miles. He’s a teenager growing up in New York and just barely transferred into a new prep school. So it’s safe to say life isn’t exactly easy for him.

But then, his life takes a complete 180 after a night out with his uncle. I’m not gonna say what happens for spoiler reasons but let’s just say it involves a certain web slinging hero and a well known spidey villain that doesn’t know the meaning of give up.

The movie just gets better from there, we get all kinds of multi verse “Spideys”–each with their own unique personality, and just a whole twist and turn of events. I even enjoyed the character development coupled with the humor they through in there. So, it’s safe to say, I’m impressed.

Also, any Marvel fan will most definitely shed a tear for this, they had a carton cameo of Stan Lee. I most certainly shed quite a few tears when I saw that pop on the screen. Stan lee, you are a legend and you are missed greatly.

The Bad

Probably the only thing I would label as bad for this movie, is how jarring the art style was. I mean, don’t get me wrong I enjoyed the comic book homage they did. But, at times it was very flashy and quite difficult to follow at times.

I understand why they did it. Because, well, it’s Spiderman! He is from a comic book! But, constant brightness and wavy-like pictures can be a bit of a turn off.

The Meh

There wasn’t much ‘Meh’ in this movie and I for one, appreciate that. But if I did have to be nit picky, I would probably choose the fact that they didn’t go too much into the other Spider People. Sure they covered Miles personality and of course the first alternate reality’s Spiderman, but they didn’t give us too much when it came to Noir Spiderman, Spider Gwen, Spider Pig, Or even the Robo-Spider girl. And I would have loved to know a bit more about each of them.

In conclusion

All though this movie had its slight faults, I’m really glad that I saw this movie. It was most definitely worth the watch and I highly recommend it.

If you saw it, what were your thoughts on it? Do you agree with this review or do you have another view on it? Let’s talk about it!


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