Down The Rabbit Hole, And Through The Keyhole!

With the release of Kingdom Hearts 3 last week, I had to do a Fan Girl Analysis on this videogame. The whole series really. And what better way to do it than explaining the tipsy, turvy storyline we’ve all come to cherish throughout the years!

Let’s start not where the series began, but where the actual story began…Birth By Sleep.

So, this is all where it truly began, with the two Keyblade masters Xehanort and Eraqus. Long time friends and both wanting to train the new Keyblade masters….for different reasons sadly. One’s reason is to restart the Keyblade war and see what would happen–Looks at Xehanort–nice going there buddy. And the other–Eraqus of course, is to train a new Keyblade Master and bring more light to this world.

Sadly, nothing goes as plan for either side. From Xehanort doing a little behind the scenes time travel and trying to make Terra a proper vessel for him after a failed attempt with Ventus. To Aqua ending up being the MVP of practically the entire series by not only saving Ventus from being totally obliviated, but switching places with Terra in the Realm of Darkness so he still had a chance. Out of everyone, Aqua most definitely deserves to be a Keyblade Master. I just hope that in Kingdom Hearts 3 King Mickey, Riku, Sora and the gang will be able to save her.

Then we have a ten year gap after the events of Birth By Sleep. But let’s not forget what happened on Aqua’s and Terra’s journeys before shat hit the fan….don’t remember? Let’s jog everyone’s memories with a simple fact: A Keyblade Master is able to “bequeath” the power of the Keyblade to someone of a pure and strong heart.

Remember now? Yup, that moment on Radiant Garden and on Destiney Islands when Aqua bequeathed the power of the Keyblade to Kairi. And at the same time, Terra bequeathed the Keyblade to Riku. Which leads us up to the events ten years later with Kingdom Hearts 1.

To give you guys the TLDR version of it, we meet our main characters Sora, Riku, and Kairi. They are all friends on Destiney Islands. They grew up together in fact. Then one day they finally decided to go see other worlds, except they run into a certain time traveling jerk *cough* Xehanort *cough* and Destiney Islands get’s swallowed up by Darkness tainting Riku with Darkness thus bequeathing Sora with the power of the Keyblade first and sending Kairi’s heart into Sora. Sora sure has a strong body to carry three hearts. His own, Ventus’s and Kairi’s.

Then they go on a whole adventure, Sora meets up with Donald and Goofy who are looking for King Mickey. And poor, stupid Riku gets conned into helping Maleficent get a hold the seven princesses of light in order to get a hold of the legendary Kingdom Hearts.

Fast forward Sora losing his heart in order to save Kairi we get a next couple of games that gives us a new enemy, introduces us to more of what happened in the past and shows us Xehanort is much more cunning and evil than we originally gave him credit for.

Let’s take a quick look at that whole mess shall we?

Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories:

  • After losing his heart to save Kairi and “defeating” Riku’s Darkness the both of them are sucked into the Realm of Darkness
  • Riku is strong enough to make it out but, sadly thanks to the gangs new enemy: Organization 13–a group of Nobodies whose mission–as far as they know, is to recreate Kingdom Hearts and give themselves hearts again, They have Kairi’s Nobody–Namine, erase Sora’s, Goofy’s, and Donald’s memories.

Which brings us to the next game…

Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 days

  • In this game we get introduced fully to the Organization
  • Thirteen members in total. All of them are Nobodies, people who have lost their hearts, but were strong enough to be people.
  • Through this game we also learn of Sora’s Nobody–Roxas
  • And ironically enough, a half-nobody–Xion, was created by their leader Xemnas to try to make another “puppet” for the real Organization. More on that soon.
  • Roxas finds out about Sora and decides to turn against the Organization and fights against Riku not only because he wants to be his own self, but he’s sad that Xion sacrificed herself to go back to Sora and save Roxas.
  • Eventually Roxas ends up losing his body and his heart goes back to Sora.

While this is going, the beginning events of Kingdom Hearts 2 start up and continue right where 358/2 ended.

Kingdom Hearts 2

  • Riku is battling with his inner Darkness, caused by Ansem–who is a young Xehanort and ends up succeeding in the end.
  • After a hard fought battle with Maleficent and then various Organization members, Riku and King Mickey finally take them all down and then they’re finally able to free Sora.

Confused yet? Yea, so was I when I pieced the whole story line together. The final piece of the story lies in Dream Drop Distance where Keyblade Master Yen Sid calls for Riku and Sora so they can master the “Power of Waking” and unlock the sleeping keyholes in order to become Keyblade masters.

It went well…at first. But then it turns out that with Ansem and Xemnas gone, Xehanort was able to come back and create the true Organization. Which was Xehanort’s attempt to start the Keyblade war. making thirteen versions of him to be able to battle the seven holders of light. The thing is, he’s missing one more member. And that’s where Sora comes in unfortunately.

Sora nearly completed all of the sleeping worlds, but on the last one, he was stopped by none other than Ansem. They fought, Sora lost, and if it weren’t for the fact that somehow Riku got sent to Sora’s nightmares and was able to save him. Thus making him a Keyblade Master, Sora would have been done for.

In Conclusion…

What a timeline am I right? All of these events have been leading up to the game every Kingdom Hearts fan has been waiting for: Kingdom Hearts 3. So many new worlds have been promised, we get to see as Sora gets his power back, and we’ll hopefully get to see Aqua being rescued from the Realm of Darkness and Xehanort finally stopped.

With this game comes the possible final close to this epic series. I don’t know about you guys, but I hope we get the ending we’ve all been waiting for in this amazing game that Square has finally given us. So now, I just leave all of you with one phrase:

“One for all, and all for one!”


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