It’s Collab Time! With Irina And Shania! BoogiePop and Others Ep. 7

So here we are again my friends! It’s collab time once again with Irina and Shania! Yes my friends, we have yet to give up on this anime. In all honesty I was almost about to give up on this anime, but Irina convinced me to keep on it! Thanks girl, sometimes this cosplayer just needs a good kick in the behind and a reminder that she owes our awesome readers to keep her determination up.

Aww stupid OCD that won’t allow me to drop series has infected someone else…this isn’t a good thing. There’s no reason to waste your time on shows you don’t like – unless it’s to enjoy making fun of them afterwards of course!

No worries, I like doing the collab with you and as a blogger I’m determined to stick with this.

Everything for our readers!

So let’s get to it! BoogiePop and Others episode…six I believe? The reason I wanted to give up on this anime is, well, it feels like it’s become a bit stagnate. In this episode we our taken through several scenes. One of Misaki dressing as BoogiePop and helping out Camille. Granted they are doing well by keeping drugs off the street but, later in the episode when we discover that the true reason that Camille wants him to do that is because she’s being told to draw out the real BoogiePop by Creepy–*ahem* I mean Spooky E.

What are your thoughts on this part Irina?

I’m surprised you didn’t jump on this cosplay storyline to be honest. I figured it was the one most likely to resonate with you. At this point my main problem is that I could not care less about the organization. To the point that this particular story thread is downright irritating. I spent the entire episode going just bring back the Imaginator. Why would you concentrate on this boring, ineffective villain when you already have like 6 at your disposal.

True, I did find the aspect kinda cool. But sadly, the storyline made it fall in the background and then I started overanalyzing the who’s and the what’s of what was going on heh.

Then at the same time we still have the Imganitor arc going on. Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad that it seems that we are finally stepping out from the jumpy timeline, but it felt like nothing was moved forward in this episode. All we really find out relating to the Imaginator, is that his cousin isn’t really his cousin and may not be human at all.

In all honesty I’m confused by this. Were you able to make any sense of this Irina?

The optimist in me thinks that this is a catalyst to bring back the Imaginator in full force and have them take a more central role in the next episode which is bound to be a great improvement. I like my weird for weird’s sake stories as much as the next guy but this is teetering dangerously close to the edge of boring. I may need to start making up my own storyline for it.

You may not know this Shania, but when I get stuck doing episode reviews for a series I’ve lost interest in, I start randomly making up a meta narrative or coming up with crazy conspiracy theories. Mind you this show is already unhinged enough that I’m not sure how any of my theories would make it nuttier. I guess I could reimagine it as some sort of ultra feminist propaganda since so many of the important and strong characters are women. Or maybe it’ a kid’s show and every episode has a moral for us to learn. Like sesame street or something…

Heh, that’s actually quite brilliant. We may actually have to start doing that…

Overall this episode felt like a filler more than anything and we didn’t get anymore info on this “Organization”. But, there are still many episodes to go so let’s see where this story takes us eh?

We’re at episode 7 so it seems there’s 11 to go. There’s a chance they could still right this mess but I would bet your first instinct is right and this is going nowhere…slowly… So why am I still watching this? I don’t know…..


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