It’s Collab Time! With Irina And Shania. BoogiePop And Others Ep. 9

Hey everyone we’re still here! If you’ve lost track of what’s been going on check out our last review post on Irina’s blog here:

So, for this episode it looks like not only we got a little more plot, but a finish for our second arc. And it was actually wrapped up pretty decently in my opinion. From the true spirit of the Imaginator being cast out thanks to the intervention of BoogiePop to a lot of psychoanalytic talk in this episode. And I mean wow, I felt like I was back in my Psychology class in college.

What did you think about this episode Irina?

I got to admit, I found it a bit boring. Sort of anti climatic after all that. Maybe it’s the writing style but BoogiePop always makes me feel like I’m watching a high school production, you know. That clunky delivery and clumsy exposition just isn’t my style.

That does make sense, it does feel a bit lackluster that’s for sure.

Now that the Imaginator arc is finished and everyone is supposedly back to their normal selves, I’m quite intrigued with what direction the anime is going to go now. According to the last words of the Imaginator, I have a feeling we may have a big fight coming on the scene and BoogiePop may finally get involved big time instead of coming in at the last moment.

What about you Irina? Since you’ve seen the original anime do you think we can expect a more BoogiePop centered arc?

I hope so, although they have been heavily foreshadowing a Fire Witch arc and they went out of their way to remind us of the character explicitly in the last minutes. My money would be on a Nagi arc with a slightly heavier BoogiePop presence.

Yea, Ms. Fire Witch, you gonna give us something intresting?

And lastly, I just want to point out on my side as a cosplayer how ironic, yet strangely well done a cosplay concept came into play. First with Masaki, he felt like he was apart of something and a different person when he was being BoogiePop. That’s kind of the same feeling we Cosplayers get when we dress up as different characters from shows and movies.

Plus, it was a pretty genius form of juxtaposition if you think about it. Because some Cosplayers even dress up to escape from themselves and find themselves more confident as the character they are dressed up as instead of who they are. Just as Misaki commented feeling like.

That’s a really cool perspective. I have to admit cosplaying never really did that for me but I’ve heard other people comment on it. It’s like armor. I was impressed by how authentic his costume was to be honest. In universe, most people have only seen BoogiePop for mere moments and almost never up close. They didn’t have pictures to work from either so that was some impressive work!

It is a pretty cool cosplay

Also, that last bit where the clowns were telling Misaki not to be afraid…I just find that blatantly ironic.

All in all, I’m rather glad that this arc is finished because it gives me a sliver of hope that this next arc may “hopefully” have something interesting in store for us. We can only watch and wait my friends. Let’s see what happens eh?

Did I miss it or did they tell us what Orihata actually is? She’s probably a synthetic like Manticore but she could also be an alien like Echoes. I figure it’s like the manga but just in case I was wondering if they told us in the anime.

Nah, you didn’t miss it. Else I missed it as well. All I got was that she wasn’t human so I’m leaning towards the synthetic theory as well. Well, that’s it for this episode. Let’s see if the next episode lights a “fire” to our interest.


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