Quotable Top Ten: My Favorite Makeups To Use

Hey everyone! It’s time for today’s Quotable Top Ten! Since tomorrow I’m going to be doing a makeup test of a cosplay I’ve been wanting to do for a long time, I thought a Top Ten revolving around makeup would be perfect.

So let’s get to it shall we?

10. Simple Face Cleaning wipes

Out of all of the cleaning wipes I’ve used, these have worked the best for me. They literally get everything off. Including the glue that I put on my eyebrows to make different eyebrows for my cosplays. Plus it doesn’t irrated the skin, so that’s a plus.

9. Hairnet/wig cap

This thing is a blessing. I usually hate putting on these things, because they usually slip off incredibly is easily. But, I’ve actuallly found one that fits like a gloves. And the way it does it, is it looks and works like a sock.

8. Black liquid eyeliner

I swear my anime cosplay looks wouldn’t be complete without this baby. It makes the lines so nice and dark. plus it makes every line I’ve already made with the black pencil eyeliner stand out more.

7. Eyeliner pencil sharper

Pretty sure without this ingenious sucker, I would be spending a lot of money on eyeliner pencils. Because I wouldn’t be able to sharpen them and get the most use possible out of it. But with this thing, my eyeliners last for days. Tiny, but mighty indeed!

6. Black pencil eyeiner

What I use to start each and every detail of my characters eyes. Wouldn’t go to a convention without it!

5. Glue Stick

I know, I know. It sounds weird to have that in a makeup bag. But, if you’re a cosplayer or at least friends with one, you know that this is one of the most valuable tools in our arsenal. It helps turn our eyebrows into different shapes, colors, or even make ’em disappear!

4. Face cream

If I didn’t have this beautiful–and not to mention adorable, stuff my face would be so raw from all of the makeup I have to take off.

3. Blending sponge

All I can say is…best. Christmas present. Ever!

2. Clinique Foundation and Concealer

I’ve looked so long for a concealer and foundation that would actually match my skin. And by George I found it! (Total brownie points if you get that half reference.)

1. Ulta Ultimate Pallet

A cosplayer’s dream. At least this cosplayer’s.

Well, that’s it for this Quotable Top Ten! If y’all need any makeup suggestions I’d be happy to help! Also, in the near future I plan on writing a few Cosplay makeup articles covering a few of the listed items and what you can do with them in cosplay. So, be sure to look out for those.



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