Thingamabobs And Whatchamacallits. As A Cosplayer, I’ve Got Plenty

Ariel isn’t the only one who collects a variety of stuff that she’s fascinated with. As a Cosplayer I do it too and so do most cosplayers really. What some may call hording, I call keeping different materials in case they’ll come in handy for a cosplay/project later on. I even organize it by type. From adhesives to foam materials, I even have a drawer for materials that I can’t really put into a category so I just call it random supplies.

But, what I’m trying to get at, is that no matter the supplies you can use anything you find in your day to day life to create a cosplay/project.

Here’s a few good examples in my opinion…

A cardboard box

Now to most people, or non-cosplayers/artists, this is exactly what it looks like. A cardboard box. But, if you look through the eyes of Cosplayer and/or Artist this cardboard box has so many uses.

  • It can be used as a photo backdrop for multiple items.
  • It can be used as a base for a hand made mannequin.
  • You can use it to contain excess Plasti-dip spray.
  • It is really good for creating patterns on
  • it can be good for making armor bases

PVC Pipe

PVC pipes can be a common construction item. That is true, but it can be used as either a very handy item holder or a base for making long props!

Item Padding

Pretty sure it has a different name for it, but I usually refer to it as Item Padding. And this little sucker can definitely do more than just protect your packages from breaking. Here are a few cool things I found out it can do…

  • Need a more 3D looking breastplate design? with a little help from your handy, dandy duct tape a couple of these suckers can make your pattern very handy for molding your foam to it. Just place the measured out pieces on it and take out your heat gun and voila! It weld mold to the shape! Especially since the plastic will shrink with it. Which brings me to the next handy ability.
  • Tape a few of these together and before you cut out the foam pieces and use this pattern, use your heat gun to shrink the plastic and it will give you a perfect wrist bracer pattern.
  • These bubble wrap like material can also be helpful in a genderbend cosplay! At least if you are female cosplaying as a male. Sorry guys, haven’t come up with a way to help y’all yet. But I will! If those amazing Drag Queens can do it, so can you! Serious respect to them by the way. Anyways! The item padding can provide that extra muscle bulk on the sides that we girls, do not have. Thanks hourglass figure…

And lastly….

Plastic craft ornaments

You know the ones, the ones that every year you can find at your local craft store to decorate on your own. They’re not just for decorating your Christmas tree! These little suckers can do so much more!

  • If you want to make perfect, round shapes with your EVA foam just cut the foam to the size you need, place it over the ornament, and heat it up with your heat gun. It’ll keep that perfect round shape thanks to the ornament.
  • It also makes an excellent circular prop! Like a Pokeball

In conclusion….

No matter what items you find out in the world, they’re bound to have some use in your cosplay/artisitc ventures. I only listed a few here, but there are so many others. Try experimenting and you’ll see exactly what I’m talking about.

That’s all for now…



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