Keyblade vs. The Master Sword

I already know I’m going to generate a lot of buzz just based on the title this article has. So, I for once, am going to be as I like to call it “Switzerland”. I’m not going to put any opinion whatsoever so I can deliver an interesting argument to think about.

So let’s have fun with this and see where it goes eh?

First a little background on our weaponry…

The Keyblade.

As everyone who has played the Kingdom Hearts series knows, the Keyblade is the one weapon/item that can bring great light or great darkness depending upon its weilder and form.

It all started with the Keyblade war which we learn about briefly in Birth by Sleep. And then more in detail in the newly released Kingdom Hearts 3.

13 vessels of darkness destined to fight 7 vessels of light. Their fight against each other brought about the creation of two Keys. The Keyblade, as we all know, was created at the same time as the x-blade. The Keyblade being the powerful weapon of light both holding the power to awaken sleeping worlds, and to free the hearts that have become trapped inside Heartless

As for the x-blade, not much is known about this aside form it being the Keyblade’s darker half and that Master Xehanort wants the Keyblade war to happen so he can bring back the lost x-blade and cause darkness and destruction to the already fragile balance of the world.

The Master Sword.

For the die hard Legend of Zelda fans–and even those not fans of the video game series, the Master Sword is incredibly well known. It’s the most powerful weapon in the game. You usually have to go through grant lengths to get a hold of it in each Legend of Zelda game.

It always resides deep in Kokori Forest or in the Temple of Time. ANd youcan do so much damage with it. As the legend says only the strongest of warriors will have the ability to weild it. And lo, and behold it’s Link everytime. Not that it’s a surprise. He is the main character after all.

Now that we know the backstories to these infamous weapons, let’s see how they match up with their pros and cons.

Keyblade Pros’s and Con’s


  • Awakens sleeping worlds.
  • Can only be bequeathed to a true person of light.
  • Many different forms for fighting.
  • Unlocks darkened hearts.
  • Frees trapped hearts with the heartless.
  • Returns lost hearts to either the Nobodies or sends them back to Kingdom Hearts


  • Can disappear anytime its wielder falls to darkness.
  • It’s power solely lies with the power of the heart of its wielder.

Master Sword Pro’s and Con’s


  • Most powerful weapon in all of Hyrule
  • Only thing capable of defeating Ganon.
  • The only weapon that will not break in Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.


  • Hardest weapon to get in the entire game.
  • Doesn’t’ matter how strong you are with the sword, if you’re not careful in some parts of each Zelda game, you will get killed. #GetGood.

What do you guys think? Which weapon wins? If I had to give my opinon–yes, I know I said I wouldn’t but, I can’t help myself. I would choose the Keyblade. Which one would you guys pick? I’d love to know.

Well, that’s all for now…



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