The Plasti-Dip Files. Different Foams, Different Effects.

For today’s episode of The Plasti-Dip Files I’m going to talk about how the Plasti-Dip Spray can have different effects on the type of foam you use. Basically depending on either the quality, or type, it can produce a different look and determine how durable it is on the foam.

Here are the examples.

EVA Foam

With EVA Foam, Plasti-Dip–usually the spray, is incredibly durable and won’t peel off no matter what. You just have to worry about bubbles if you put too much at a time. And it turns out the same no matter which thickness you are using. From 2mm all the way to 8mm.

EVA Foam Clay

Now the clay on the other hand if not spread evenly across, it will peel off with a single pinch. Another thing is, it has a longer drying time than regular EVA Foam. Which in a way makes sense seeing that the clay itself has to dry before turning into the durable EVA Foam it’s known for becoming.

Difference in suppliers

Yup, you saw the heading right. Not only does the type of foam effect how the Plasti-Dip reacts, but the quality of the foam supplied from various Cosplay supply businesses effects it as well.

Here are two examples.

TNT Cosplay Supply

I have just barley begun buying from them, but I am highly impressed with the quality of their foam.

Now, with their EVA Foam the Plasti-Dip holds well, but with one exception. You need to give it a couple of coats before you can get your project completely smooth. I also suggest sanding it slightly just to even out any obnoxious leftover bumps.

As for their clay, I have yet to try it. so I’ll edit this part with that info when I finally get my hands on it.

Cosplay Crafts

I swear by this supply company. They are amazing. When I first started out as a cosplayer I bought all of my supplies from them. The only sad part is, their products are so good, you have to be quick about ordering else they’ll be sold out quick.

Anyways, their EVA Foam reacts really well to the Plasti-Dip spray. It only takes a quick once over and you’ve got a really nice coating of it. Just be careful to not spray too much before it dries because you will get those annoying bubbles.

For the clay, I suggest quite a few coats of the spray and let each have a good amout of drying time. Else you will be able to pull the Plasti-Dip off like it’s nothing.

Well, that’s all for this Plasti-Dip File! See you all next time!



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