Quotable How To: Creating Different Colored Eyebrows

Hi my friends! I’m back once again with a Quotable How To! Aka my Cosplay Tutorials! This time I’m gonna teach y’all a good way to color your eyebrows for those characters that have either a different color of eyebrow than you do, or a color that’s near impossible to get without makeup.

So let’s get started shall we?

Step 1. Apply the non-toxic glue stick to your eyebrows.

Yup, just like in my Covering Eyebrow tutorial you’ll want to start by applying a fairly decent layer of glue to your eyebrows. Make sure you go against the grain of your eyebrow hair, else it is not going to work.

I also highly recommend doing this three times. For example, do one coat and let it dry then repeat two more times. This will insure that the hair will stay in place and make it so much easier to do the next two steps.

Step 2. Take a white eyeliner pencil and carefully apply it to your eyebrows.

This step is important for two reasons:

  1. It makes it so you don’t have to go through concealing your eyebrows with concealer. So you save time and patience.
  2. You’ll be able to follow your eyebrow line a lot easier so you can make your eyebrows more natural looking. Unless you’re going for a gigantic or small eyebrow look.

Just like you did with the glue stick, just go against the grain making sure you cover each and every hair. But make sure you do this softly, else you’ll easily tear off the glue you worked so hard to put onto your eyebrows earlier.

Also, a quick tip: If the eyeliner is looking a bit clumpy, just carefully smooth it over with the pads of your fingers and it will even out really well.

Step 3. Take a small applicator and use the color of your choice and apply it to your eyebrows.

I say use a small applicator–like the tiny ones you can get at a grocery store. Because you will be able to do a much more detailed job and get the whole eyebrow easier. And as you’ve done in the past two steps, make sure you go against the grain.

Once this is all done…Voila! You have your newly colored eyebrows! I have my Casual! Shinsou Hitoshi picture down below as an example, because I used these exact steps to make his eyebrows.

I hope this tutorial was helpful! If you guys have any questions, feel free to ask!

That’s all for now…


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