Quotable Top Five: Powerful Women In Nerd Culture

Today’s Quotable Top Five….Wait Top Five? Shania, isn’t it usually a Top Ten that you do every Tuesday? Yup I usually do this as a Top Ten but I thought I start shaking things up a little bit and do a mix of both Top Tens and Top Fives. And since this month is Women’s month I decided to do a Top Five of the some of the women in nerd culture that I think are pretty damn cool.

So let’s get started shall we?

5. Lindsey Stirling

How could I NOT put her on this list. This girl literally changed the face of classical music. With Dubstep no less! She has done so many different anime covers and Disney covers with her violin. She has even done a few Hatsune Miku covers as well. Not to mention her YouTube videos have over 675 million views and counting! As a fellow musician, I totally look up to her.

4. Ashley Eckstein

When the Her Universe line first came out, I was absolutely thrilled. It was filled with all kinds of cute and cool sci-fi/fantasy themed clothes. All the different kinds of clothing that I saw constantly available for guys, became available for girls. And imagine my delight and surprise when I find out that the creator of said amazing line is none other than the voice actress that plays Ashoka in Star Wars: The Clone Wars.

3. Sakimichan

The second I saw this girl’s art on DeviantArt, I totally fell in love. On top of that, it has inspired so many fellow cosplayers out their to do cosplays off of her artwork. And that’s truly amazing.

2. Jillian Venters

I’ve only recently discovered this girl but all I can say is…Damn, you go girl! She’s in a sense a Goth blogger and she has made epic waves in the Goth community. Especially for women. Someday, I hope to get Quotable Creations a well known cosplay blog like how she has her Goth blog.

1. Go Big Or Go Home Cosplay

After my Cosplay Inspirations article, is it really a surprise that she is on this list as well? I mean really guys. The way she constructs each and every one of her cosplays, does her commissions, and on top of that on her Instagram stories she always has really good tips for her fellow Cosplayers if they’re ever in a pinch. Not to mention she’s a total sweetheart to talk to!

Well, that’s it for today’s list! Catch y’all next time! If any of y’all want to chat about the picks in this list, be sure to leave a comment! I love a good discussion and I want to hear from you guys!

That’s all for now, Later!

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