When Mother Nature Is Not Your Friend.

It’s raining, it’s pouring…and before you know it, those Cosplay shoot plans you had are history thanks to whatever Mother Nature decided to throw your way. It’s something that we, as Cosplayers are faced with constantly. We have our cosplays on that we worked on so meticulously, and we found that perfect location that fits our character, but then…Mother Nature strikes with some pretty nasty weather. And then our shoot is shit up a creek without a paddle.

Or is it?

Well, I’m here with a little advice. Since I’ve come across this lovely, little situation quite a few times I’ve adapted and came up with two ways to fix this problem when Mother Nature is not our friend. Now, these ways aren’t the perfect solution for not being able to go to those perfect outdoor locations, but they work really well in a pinch.

Photoshop backgrounds.

Yea, I know what you’re probably thinking–well at least my old fashion Cosplayers out there: Photoshop is cheating Shania!

I see where some can feel that way about this, with how some Cosplayers will change practically their entire being just to make sure it looks absolutely perfect. When in reality….they just look fake. Love your flaws it’s what makes you, you! I mean, if you want to fix the lighting, position, or overall aesthetic, go for it. But otherwise ehh.

But that is a rant for another article my friends. What I’m talking about with Photoshop in this case is a simple process really. Just take a picture with the your Cosplay and in the pose you want, and put it into Photoshop and change out the background with a more desirable one. Just make sure you take the picture up against a plain wall, because otherwise it’ll be harder to crop out.

Make your home your canvas.

This is the other option if you don’t wanna go the Photoshop Crop and Replace route. And it works beautifully. I’ve done this with quite a few of my Cosplays.

Just find a good spot in your home be it your room, kitchen, wherever and make it work for your character.

Let me give you guys a fairly easy example. My 2p! England Cosplay. I first wanted to shoot out in a park the first time I finished it, but because I happen to live in a place where the weather changes every fifteen minutes–I’m not kidding guys, there’s literally a joke about that here. I couldn’t shoot outside.

So, I got to thinking what would work for 2P! England? He’s a yandere who loves cooking, and is a very well dressed gentleman. Just don’t piss him off, else you’ll be apart of his next cupcake concoction. And I immediately got an idea: the kitchen! That’s practically his element. So I set it up, got my props ready, got some cool angles, and it worked really well.

Hello, Poppet.
Hey what about me?

Yes, L. You were a good in home shoot too.

Just goes to show, as long as you know the character you’re cosplaying as, even a simple place like your own home will work.

In conclusion,

So when push comes to shove and Mother Nature is not being too friendly to ya, try one of these tricks. You may find that it’ll be your saving grace one of these. I know it helped me out.

Have any tips or thoughts that I haven’t mentioned? Let’s talk about it! I love hearing other opinions and trading tips!

Well that’s all for now….


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