A Beginners’ Guide To Navigating The Otaku World!

The world of the Otaku. From the outside looking in, it can seem like quite the daunting world can’t it? Especially with all of the different words a lot of the fans are known to use. For example, words like Sempai which is an honorific for those older than you or Shounen which is the term for action anime.

Quotable Top Ten: Top Ten Most Powerful Villains In Anime

You love to hate them, they do nothing but bad things, and occasionally they have very sad backstories. That’s right, I’m talking about villains in anime. From minor to major villains in our shows, the storyline wouldn’t be the same without our antagonists. There would be no conflict, and where’s the fun in that?

The Gem Of Station Park

If you head to Harmons in Station Park, Farmington on a Wednesday or a Friday, you are bound to come upon some delicious smells. And I’m not just talking about the food on the shelves or the bakery. I’m talking about a certain table that you can always find on those two days that has the most delicious food.