Quotable Top Ten: Top Ten Cosplay Supply Sites

As a cosplayer, I’m constantly looking around for different cosplay materials and businesses who carry them. It can be a difficult scavenger hunt. Especially if the materials needed aren’t exactly easily found. Luckily though, after a fun little adventure on the internet, I ended up finding quite a few businesses who provide quite a lot of high-quality products. Which brings me to todays top ten list so you my friends, won’t have to travel down the deep rabbit hole I journeyed down. So let’s start shall we?

Primed And Ready: Why Use Primer?

EVA foam is like a freaking sponge. I remember having to use a half of a paint bottle to make the color on my foam knife show up. Now, why does EVA Foam act that way? Simple. It’s a very porous material. Therefore, it will slurp up that paint like there is no tomorrow. So, how can you save paint and no doubt frustration? One word: Primer.

Quotable Top Ten: Tips To Organizing Your Studio

Why is organizing the work space so groan inducing? Because it’s a pain in the ass that’s why! No one likes taking precious hours out of their day to sit down, pull out all of their supplies, make the room temporarily look like a hurricane hit, and then put said supplies back into neater more clean spots. Plus, it’s a pain to find where exactly you’re going to put all the stuff! But worry not my friends! I have a top ten list for you today that will help all of your organizing go as smooth as butter!