The Making Of: Shinsou Hitoshi – My Hero Academia

Ever since I saw the second season of My Hero Academia–the Sports Festival arc, I fellow totally head over heels for Shinsou Hitoshi. From his looks to his personality, I knew he would become one of my favorite characters really quickly. And with most of my favorite characters, I had to cosplay him.

Quotable Review: Spiderman: Into The Spiderverse!

I think this movie has been out for quite some time, but after seeing it on a date a few days ago, I just had to do a Quotable Review on it. And…*looks at the calendar* it’s the next day, as in the day I usually don’t post the review eh? Ah, better late than never. Anyway, back to the review! I’m really happy I saw this, it was really good. I honestly had mixed thoughts at first, but the movie quickly changed my opinion.

Mehron, My Love

Ah body paint. A fun make up tool in cosplay, and also the bane of most cosplayer’s existence. I say that because unless you choose the right body paint, you’re gonna have a irritating time. As in, not being able to touch anything, when you sweat bits and pieces will run off, and not to mention it is hard as hell to get off.

The Ins And Outs Of EVA Foam Clay

EVA Foam…clay? That was my exact reaction when I found out about EVA Foam Clay. But, I’ve come to know it as something very helpful, and at times a bit frustrating. But it’s still a must needed material in a cosplayer’s arsenal.

Quotable Top Ten: Dream Cosplays

Every cosplayer has those dream builds that they want to someday attempt and I am no different. So today, for the Quotable Top Ten, I shall make a top ten list of some–because it’s a rather long list heh, of the cosplays I dream of doing and will eventually get too.