Quotable Reviews: The Dragon Prince

This show has been on my “Need to watch” list forever. And I just never got around to watching it…Until a couple of days ago. A good friend of mine invited me over to her house to check out this new 3D printing pen she got from amazon, and while we were using it, she decided to turn on, yup, you guessed it, The Dragon Prince. And I immediately fell in love with this show. On top of that, it was made by the same people who made Avatar: The Last Airbender. So of course I had to review it.

Quotable How To: Zexion’s Lexicon

When you say your going to finish it the prior but end up posting it the morning after…Well, better late than never as I always say! Today I’m going to teach ya how to make Kingdom Hearts Organization 13 Zexion’s Lexicon!