The Making Of: 2P! England

Wow, does this cosplay take me back. I made my first attempt at this cosplay all the way back in my first year of cosplay, when it was only a hobby that I was first getting into. It was my Second Player England Cosplay from the anime Hetalia.

Quotable Reviews: Aquaman

Yup, the title surprises me too guys. I never thought I would review, let alone see, a DC movie being a Marvel girl myself. But, it has happened. Just a couple days ago my mom convinced me to go see it with her. And I must say, I was surprisingly not disappointed. So let’s get started, shall we?

Shania’s Cosplay Adventures: Contact Cement Is Cool, And The Case Of The Missing Muse

Hello my fellow cosplayers, cosplay enthusiasts, or hell, anyone who just love looking at the magnificent pieces of art that some magnificent human beings are capable of making. Anyhoo, enough of my babble. I want to introduce y’all to a new series of articles I’m starting up: Shania’s Cosplay Adventures. Basically little drabbles of interesting, fun, or even random stuff that I’ve come across on my journey to being a “God-Tier” professional Cosplayer like those I admire.