The Art Of The Dremel

Here, I will explain the Dremel and it’s different bits in cosplay/ foam smith terms. Because this magnificent tool–although a pain in the butt at times, can be used for so much more than wood and metal!

Quotable Top Ten: Most Difficult Materials To Work With

Hey, everyone, it’s that time again, the Quotable Top Ten! This week I’m going to be covering the Top Ten most difficult materials to work with, in cosplay. You know the ones, the ones you know you have to use but you dread coming in contact with them because they are a pain in the butt. Well, today I’m giving y’all a Top Ten list of what I think are the most difficult.

The Making Of: Dr. Faciliar

Once I saw Disney’s Princess and the Frog for like…the sixth or seventh time, (I’m a big fan of Disney’s movies) I knew I had to make a Dr. Faciliar cosplay.

I already adore almost all of the Disney villains–except Frollo, but that’s a story an other day…Anyways, Dr. Faciliar was such a fun cosplay to do and here’s how it started…

Quotable Reviews: My Hero Acdademia Season Three!

Hello everyone! It’s time for this week’s Quotable Review! Seeing that I ended up doing quite a bit of My Hero Academia this week–from cosplay to articles, I decided to finish this week off with a review on the latest season!

So let’s get to it shall we?