On The Outside Looking In: A Recap/Look At Holiday Matsuri!

Holiday Matsuri is a giant anime convention that is hosted in Florida around the Holiday season–hence the name. It’s probably one of the biggest anime conventions held every year. Mostly because of all the big names they bring in each year. Basically, it’s like New York or San Diego Comic Con but for anime.

So now that you’re are educated in the awesomeness that is Hol-mat. And thus, you really wish you could have been there. But never fear! Thanks to the awesome invention that is social media, I can show y’all what exactly went down this year.

Quotable Reviews: Nikko- Sushi and Ramen

Sushi and Ramen. Ramen and Sushi. Two of the best things that has ever come out Japan in my humble Otaku opinion. But, sadly here in the U.S. it’s hard to find really good restaurants that serve prime sushi and ramen.